Why You Should Try Clubbing Solo

by Noella Wynter

It’s Friday night, you’ve had a stressful week, and all you want to do is paint the town red, but your crew is being lame; they’ve decided to stay in for the night. You have two choices here - stay home and watch replays of VH1’s Tough Love Miami or throw caution to the wind and enjoy the company of yourself.

Flying solo is not as horrifying or creepy as you might think. Unless you’re inherently a creep/freak, then that’s a totally different monster that should be addressed by your primary physician. But for all you “regular” folk, you'll surprised by how refreshing and enjoyable it is to drop your safety net (i.e. your friends) and see what the city has to offer.

You always said you wanted to meet new people…
A club is the perfect environment for you to do so. It’s crawling with all sorts of fine specimen looking to accomplish the same goals as you - to have a good time and dance!
Start off with a drink - head to the bar and order a bourbon and amaretto. You might want to take this time to make small talk with the bartender - assuming it's not jam-packed. But if it is, no sweat, you have your drink. A drink in hand makes you appear more approachable, so chat up whoever is in your area. But don’t nurse that one drink for too long. The goal is to have a good time, so head on the dance floor and shake what ya' momma gave ya'!

Observe club culture from a different perspective…
It's quite interesting how insecure and antisocial some people can be at a club (ironic,huh?!). It's easy to overlook some blatant behavior when you’re having a great time with your friends. As you break a sweat on the dance floor, be sure to peep the dude who is constantly playing with his phone. Whether he’s Tweeting or updating his FB status is irrelevant - the club is not the place to update your social network status unless you’re posting a pic of the awesome time you’re having.

You might even spot the girl who’s not necessarily a stage five creeper but she’s obviously attracted to the guy who fist pumps with his boys every other song. It’s not that ALL of these people do these things purposefully, but its something that they do regularly.

Become a better clubber…
With your new found knowledge of club culture and behavior, you can tailor the way in which you subconsciously interact with others. If you see someone who you’re attracted to, don’t stare uncomfortably at them. Instead, ask for a dance and under no circumstances do you rub up on or pinch them! That’s grounds for weirdo status.

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