The End of The World

by Andrew Fox
With the threat of the world ending tomorrow, I decided to write on Clubplanet for the first time in 17 years.  Just in case this is the final article you fans will ever see, I wanted to get some last words in and share my plans for the Apocalypse. 

First, I decided I needed a location- hmm, where would I want to spend the last night of my life?  I was thinking my favorite city in the US (NYC), or maybe use some of my generous expense allowance and visit my closest friends in Miami.  Then I think Vegas would be better, since every day of the year they party like there's no tomorrow! 

But maybe I could beat the system and do both! By changing timezones I could be spared a few extra hours if the world really did end, right?  Well maybe not, because if that's the case then shout out to Australia for surviving it already.  Since New York is getting kinda chilly, I think I'm going to make Miami my final destination after all. My NewYears.com team in NYC is going to kill me for leaving them on the busiest days leading into the NYE events, so it looks like my fate is inevitable either way.

So I'll be spending tonight in Miami celebrating the end of the world, but not without the weight of it resting heavy on my shoulders.  I can't afford the world to end before January 1st!  We are producing the Armin show and there is dancing that needs to be done.  On that note, if you haven't bought your tickets yet don't worry, it's not the end of the world! There are some still available but they might not be for long...we've been getting a huge influx of orders lately and you don't want to be left out on what I can guarantee will be the most epic night of your life (assuming tonight isn't).

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