Russia Hosts the Party of a Lifetime

by Kelly VanDemark

No other place on Earth has fallen victim to the hype of the impending Apocalypse than Russia. Known for throwing some of the wildest parties in the world (Kazantip 2013 anyone?) you can bet our Russian cousins are redirecting their fear and turning Doomsday Eve into a night of epic celebration. 

One of the most noteworthy parties is appropriately being held in a Cold War-era bunker originally intended to protect Soviet leaders from nuclear attack.  For only $1,000 per ticket, party goers are able to attend the 24-hour event located over 150 feet underground.  Guests will have access to a variety of novelties including themed decorations, contests, Wi-Fi connection, and costumed aliens who speak different languages (so basically Times Square on any given day).   

Maybe you want to do it big on your last night, in which case “Bunker 42” also has the option of renting a VIP room for just under $50,000.  And if the end of the world really is just hype, organizers are offering to refund revelers 50% of the ticket price. So why not party like there’s no tomorrow?  In the wise words of Aubrey Graham aka Drake, “Money coming, money going, ain't like you could take it with you.”


Enjoy my choice of an Apocalypse Anthem below: 


The world is gonna end and we’re just having fun

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