Getting Past the Velvet Rope

Getting Past the Velvet Rope

by Marcos Colón

By now it’s pretty evident that the majority of nightclubs in the major cities like to make it seem as if their venue is the most exclusive in town. Using words like, “best,” “exclusive,” “VIP,” and “secret” can easily persuade the average visitor to buy into their routine. But we won’t disagree, if you ultimately want a successful nightclub, you want to bring in a crowd that will spend money, and that crowd definitely wants to feel special, which is why it’s important to use those words and give off that vibe. This means that the regular Joe Schmoe won’t be able to get in with his buddies or by himself at that, unless he’s equipped with some advice and knowledge. That’s why I’ve put together some very important tips on how you can get past the velvet ropes at any club this weekend.

Dress Appropriately
Think about it. When was the last time you saw a person in a respectable club dressed like they had just gotten out of bed, slapped on some jeans, and left their Snoopy t-shirt on? Exactly, you haven’t. That’s why it’s extremely important to look your best when you’re out on the town. You never want to worry if you’re dressed appropriately for a club or not, so you always want to be prepared. And guys, you’re not the only one doing the looking; the ladies take more peeks than you do.

Shoes Are Key
This is a big issue when it comes to nightclub entry. A majority of the time nightclubs don’t want any sort of sneaker into their club. That’s why you should always be equipped with two types of footwear, the snazzy and the in-between comfortable pair. We’re all pretty familiar with what dress shoes look like, just try and stay away from anything your grandfather would wear, unless he’s Ralph Lauren. The in-betweens are the tricky ones. A perfect example of kicks like these are Creative Recreations, look them up now if you’ve never heard of them before. These shoes are perfect because they go well with jeans and slacks, they’re not bulky like normal sneakers, and a majority of them are fully leather, so they’re pretty easy to sneak by a bouncer.  But always make sure and ask a friend or acquaintance about the club before you go. Sometimes they won’t take anything other than Italian made leathers. Ladies, most places won’t let you in unless you’re wearing heels, so stock up on some Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring some flats or chances are you won’t be able to dance for a week.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Button Down
When it comes to dressing up for a fiesta, girls have it easy. Anything sexy and sleek is almost a guarantee shoe-in. Guys, not so much. Have you ever wonder what “dress to impress” really means anyway? We know that button down shirts can be extremely uncomfortable at times, especially on the dance floor, but let’s face it; nothing looks better on us than a button down shirt. Whether it’s a long-sleeve or short, these are always acceptable at the door. However, stay away from the shiny Liberace type. If you’re not packing a black card or more than $300 in cash on you, there’s no way that you’re getting past the rope if you look like one of the Butabi brothers (this happens to be a reference to A Night at the Roxbury, a movie that should be taken as an example of what never to do at the door of a club). Although some bouncers don’t seem to mind the Christian Audigier shirts, stay away from them. It’s a tired and worn out fad. Trust us. Just…stay…away.

No Head Gear
We don’t care how good you think you look with a fedora, a Yankees cap, or a woven beanie, for arguments sake at the door, just keep it at home. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, but tough luck. Head to the barber shop or salon because you’re not getting in with a hat. Yes, there are some places that are a little more lax than others, but if you want to be where THE best looking people are, leave the hat at home.

Grooming is Essential
Guys, this is a given so we won’t go into it too much. Take a shower, comb your hair, precision cut the facial hair, and slap on some cologne. It’s as easy as that. You don’t want to walk up to the velvet rope and tell them you’re on the guest list when you look like a bat out of hell. They’ll just laugh as ask you to walk away. Ladies, don’t forget the manicures, pedicures, and even a spritz of perfume. If you want to break necks, looking and smelling good is key from head to toe.

Bring a Date
A big problem with a majority of the guys that can’t get into exclusive nightclubs is that they’re flying solo. Remember guys, this is a business, they want there to be more sexy girls than guys, so why would they let you in along with your softball team? Guys seem to forget this all the time and end up huffing and puffing in line, while some dork swifts by the entire line towing two hotties on his arm while he parts the crowd in front of the line like Moses. Girls, as usual you have it easy. Bring a few girlfriends and you’re good to go. Every nightclub wants to have the sexiest women in town, so the more female friends you bring, the better.

Bring a Looker
Speaking of females, what’s better than bringing a girl with you to the club? Bringing a hot girl with you to the club. She doesn’t necessarily have to be your girlfriend, just a good friend will do. But there does have to be some sort of acting going on. You don’t want to walk up to the line and act like your brother and sister. Try holding hands, maybe even locking arms. This will show the bouncer and door host that you’re either A) on a date, or B) looking to really impress this girl. A majority of these door people don’t like to keep ladies waiting in line.

Two or More Girls are Better Than One
Just as most things in life are, two is always better than one, and in this instance it definitely plays in your favor as well. We know that you may not want to be a part of a ‘ladies night out,’ but guys, there’s nothing better that could work on your favor in getting into the club. We know that you may think that others may perceive you as the gay friend, but once you’re inside other women will instantly flock. For some reason women seem to flock to more women, and lucky for you the odds are in your favor.

Guest lists Always Help
One easy way to get past that little red rope is through the endless guest lists that clubs offer. On nocheLatina.com, there are always plenty of options on how you can attend the hottest party without waiting in line. Guest lists are a great way to get into the club, even though some bouncers will try and pull a quick one by saying there is no guest list. If that happens, simply keep your cool and explain your situation at the door.

No Cover Charge
The great thing about being on a guest list is that there’s absolutely no cover charge. Yes, there are some lists that only entitle you to get a discounted rate at the door; however, the majority of them get you in for free. It does boggle us as to why these establishments decide to charge someone at the door (that is unless there’s a big name DJ serving up the sound), because aren’t we paying enough at the bar. That’s why guest lists are great. There will be fewer problems at the door and more money in your pocket at the end of the night.

Facebook is Your Friend
Sure, all those millions of E-vites you get through Facebook is pretty annoying. But what you have to realize is that these are great ways to find guest lists. Yes, the guy who keeps throwing messages in your inbox has never met you before, but he can definitely get you in the club. That’s what they want! They want you to come to them, ask them for entry, and they’ll get you in. You get in for free, and he gets paid for doing so. Easy as that! Next time you’re looking to get into a club that’s known to give you a tough time at the door, try Facebook, you never know what you’ll find.

Be Patient
This is important, and very important so be sure to either tattoo this on your arm or just write it on a post-it and keep it in your wallet. Always make sure to keep your cool. People who lose it behind the velvet rope for any problem that arises are almost guaranteed to not make it inside the club. Why? Because a lot of the people working the door either A) are on a power trip or B) hate their jobs. This means that they love playing with your emotions. So always keep your cool and they’ll appreciate it. If some guy gets heated because his name wasn’t on the list, he’s probably going to be remembered at this place, meaning the chances of coming back next weekend are slim to none. Now, if your name doesn’t happen to be on the list, and you’re pretty sure it is, keep your cool and simply try and have a chat with the door manager or bouncer. Being polite, friendly and respectful will get you far, very far. Sometimes they may even acknowledge a mistake they’ve made and you can get into the club without a fee, and quick possibly with some drink tickets in hand.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Dog the Doorman
Yes, he does stand there thinking he’s the toughest, meanest more badass individual on the planet, and even though you could be positive that he isn’t, or that you’re pretty sure you could kick his ass, this guy should always be seen as the gatekeeper. Not only does he have the power to pick and choose who comes in, but he could also make you look like a d*** in a matter of seconds. The door manager at the club (who usually holds the clipboard, and sometimes is a bouncer too) should be considered your best friend. Now, don’t try and be too friendly because they can smell the bullshit a mile away, just be yourself, stay cool and make sure he knows you’re there.


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