As Chic As You Can Get: The Gansevoort South Miami

As Chic As You Can Get: The Gansevoort South Miami

by Marcos Colón

What does one really look for in a hotel? The majority may say comfort, location and price is key. However, here in Miami the nightlife aspect is just as important. South Beach is the home of some of the hottest hotels in the nation, and even around the world, but there’s one hotel that really takes the cake when it comes to having an all-encompassing factor; nightlife, comfort, luxury, exclusivity….you name it, they have it. The Gansevoort South is easily one of the chicest hotels in South Beach, but what happens when you throw in one of the most popular bar/lounges in there too? Well, it just adds to the allure and overall amazingness of it all.

When it comes to actually staying at the hotel, The Gansevoort South sports 340 guestrooms, boasting insanely incredible views of the ocean, bay, as well as the city skyline. Staying at this place is a lot like losing your virginity, it feels great and you always wish you could’ve stayed longer. In all honesty this place is pretty damn mesmerizing, that is if you’re looking for a top of the line stay, which in most cases you have to be.

The Gansevoort South hosts three incredible pools. One is a 110-foot rooftop dream, where guests can lounge and order drinks that are taken directly to them. The infinity-edge pool is located on the plaza level, a family friendly pool, and an exclusive oceanfront beach club where the real relaxing happens. All pools are adorned with satisfyingly comfortable furniture, from Gandia Biasco chairs, to cabanas and tee-pees.

But the real deal breaker comes in the form of Louis Bar and Lounge, a place that can only be described as “a royal Parisian palace on a happy acid trip” by its own marketing team. Two crystal-adorned bars get all of the attention at this place. But if you’re not looking to grab a drink with the common-folk, and really want the exclusive treatment, there’s plenty of room for that. Twenty-five VIP service tables areas are available in total, but this place feels like one giant VIP area, so if you’re not looking to spend on bottles, no need to worry. Just being in this place counts as VIP treatment.

The Gansevoort South is definitely not a joke when it comes to real entertainment and a great stay in South Beach. There’s definitely competition in the area, but take one quick look at this palace and you’ll be quick to make your decision.


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