WMC Update: Lawler's Lights Out at BED

WMC Update: Lawler's Lights Out at BED

by CoolJunkie
One of the most popular annual recurring events during Winter Music Conference is Steve Lawler’s ‘Lights Out’ party. Held at Nocturnal last year, there was a bit of an issue causing the event to shut down, but this year it’s back again and we’re pretty damn sure that ticket buyers will want the UK DJ-producer to really deliver something special, and knowing Lawler he definitely will. Instead of hosting his party in downtown Miami, where he’s held it for the past two years, he’s opting for South Beach, increasing the possibility for the event to sell-out even sooner than expected. On Friday, March 26th, Steve Lawler brings his ‘Lights Out’ signature party to BED nightclub, a venue that’s getting a lot of attention for their Winter Music Conference lineup. This will definitely be an interesting venue for the artist, and we’re positive that tickets will undoubtably sell-out prior to the event. BED isn’t as big as the previous two venues he’s held his party at, and seeing that a majority of his fans will be staying in South Beach, proximity always helps. Click here for tickets to Steve Lawler's 'Lights Out' event at BED. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypOl_joeHks&feature=player_embedded
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