CoolJunkie Interviews Sydney Blu

CoolJunkie Interviews Sydney Blu

by Marcos Colón

This Saturday night Sydney Blu returns to Mansion nightclub to kick off her newly acquired residency. Since day one she's been a hit in Miami, and now she's ready to own her own night this weekend in front of one of the biggest crowds that Miami draws on a weekly basis. Cooljunkie recently caught up with Sydney Blu and chatted about her new residency and big move to Miami, what she looks forward to most for Winter Music Conference, and what's in store for the remainder of the year.

CoolJunkie: What are you currently working on in the studio?

Sydney Blu: I’m currently producing some key projects for the upcoming months and WMC. I have a new remix coming out on Alex Kenji’s ‘Hotfingers’ label called ‘Stay With Me’ this month. I have an original collaboration with Matteo Dimarr being unleashed at WMC for Funkagenda’s new label and my label Blu Music will have an several releases before, during and after the conference including a new single with Canadian vocalist Vitamins for You. There’s so much more – but this is the main stuff I can talk about ?

CJ: What prompted you to make this recent move to Miami?

Sydney Blu: Carlos Correal suggested it to me back in the summer and it slowly turned from a suggestion to an offer for a residency here at Mansion nightclub. My shows had become so huge so quickly and he thought it would be great for me to live in Miami and build in the market even more. Of course , I thought it was a great opportunity and I love Miami more and more every time I go.

CJ: What's your favorite room to play in Miami?

Sydney Blu: Mansion . No contest. I love it. The crowd is the best and they connect with my music which is key.

CJ: You now hold a residency at Mansion nightclub. What's it like playing to one of the toughest Saturday night crowds in the city?

Sydney Blu: I don’t find it to be tough at all. I think it’s just a good fit. That’s exactly why Carlos suggested I move here. My music works with what they want I guess, and that’s great because it allows me to be myself, have fun and not think about it too much. Yes I play hard at times but I also like my music to have some soul to it and a room like Mansion allows me to explore both those options.


CJ: What can we look forward to from you when it comes to this residency?

Sydney Blu: I’d like to build and brand the shows over the course of the year with me and the Blu Brand. I’m also planning a compilation album that I definitely want to get Mansion involved in because its my new home – but I can elaborate more about that after WMC.

CJ: What do you have ready for the WMC crowd next month?

Sydney Blu: SO much! – I’m playing almost everyday now .amazing parties too! Here are the main ones I’m excited about – The Blu Party at Aerobar. This event is my baby. I’ve been working on it since September. The line-up features the top selling collaborators of my record label Blu Music and some of my favourite producers and artists in the world. Funkagenda with MC Flipside live, Olivier Giacomotto, Serge Devant, Koen Groenveld, Mateo Dimarr, Michelangelo and so many more amazing acts. I’ll also be performing at Nikki Beach Wednesday, and Karu and Y Wednesday night, Nikki Beach Saturday, Porterhouse Saturday Night at BED, Steel Toast Sunday, and Karu and Y Sunday night – I think that’s everything !!

CJ: What can we look forward to from you for the remainder of the year?

Sydney Blu: Defintely some amazing music and collaborations on Blu Music and some of my favourite labels. Lots of touring! – everywhere around the globe.

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