Event Preview: Benny Benassi at Mansion

Event Preview: Benny Benassi at Mansion

by CoolJunkie

When it comes to DJ bookings in the city, there are names that we frequently see grace flyers time and time again, and then there are those one offs that really get everyone’s attention. However, its those names that we often see that really pack the club, and this week Mansion is bringing in one of their favorite DJ/Producers that always packs the house and brings in a consistent fan base that drags in friends who aren’t too familiar with his sounds, making them new fans once the party is over. This Saturday night Benny Benassi returns to South Beach.

Last time Benassi played Mansion the crowd got a very special treat in the form of Lil John, who somehow is a fan of Benassi and decided to share the booth with the Italian DJ/Producer. We’re not sure if they’re working together, but chances are if they are, you’ll see him up there again this Saturday night. You may hate Benassi’s playing style, but you can’t negate the fact that he packs the club with fans that are more than willing to shell out the cash at the door.

Click here for more information on Benny Benassi's gig at Mansion.

Click here for tickets to the event.

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