Miami's Best Pet-Friendly Bars

Miami's Best Pet-Friendly Bars

by Marcos Colón

We’re not all in serious relationships, and sometimes we find ourselves alone at a bar having a drink. But what if we could bring our canine friends with us? Luckily, this idea isn't too farfetched, and there are hundreds of places in the city where you can bring that faithful hairy companion of yours. From South Beach to Coconut Grove, we put together a small list of some great places where you can grab a drink, and make sure that your dog gets their thirst quenched as well.

Best Pet-Friendly Bar in Miami: Sandbar Grill
3064 Grand Avenue | Miami, FL 33133

Sandbar’s known as one of the best hangouts in the city for the college elite. During school, each and every Thursday night at this venue is a complete Animal House of drinking fun. But what a lot of those same kids don’t know is that Sandbar is also one of the top pet-friendly bars in Coconut Grove. There’s nothing like sipping on your beer on the outside tables at Sandbar, but you can bring along your dog as well and he’ll get served a cold bowl of water. Your thirst is quenched, his thirst is quenched… everyone’s happy.

Best Pet-Friendly Bar in Miami: Zeke’s Roadhouse
625 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, FL 33139

Zeke’s Roadhouse is quite possibly one of the coolest places in Miami to grab a beer from just about any country; and even though it’s located in a very tourist-driven area, the prices have always stayed in tact ($4 for any beer). While you sit outside at one of their many tables, you can bring your furry friend along and he’ll enjoy some of the best people watching around too. Everyone loves to bring their dogs to Lincoln Road, so chances are he’ll be smelling tail all day long. 

Best Pet-Friendly Bar in Miami: Van Dyke Café
846 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, FL 33139

One of the most popular tourist destinations on Lincoln Road has always been the Van Dyke Café, but locals love to come for a bite because they can bring their dogs too. The atmosphere at Van Dyke takes on a European feel, and one out of every four tables is sure to have a canine friend tag along. Ask the friendly servers there for a bowl of cold water for your pup while you down your mojito. It’s definitely a go-to restaurant in Miami, so it’s good that you can bring your mascot along as well. 

Best Pet-Friendly Bar in Miami: Nexxt Coffee and Cocktails
700 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, FL 33139

By now we should all know that Nexxt Coffee and Cocktails is pretty much like Cheesecake Factory when it comes to the menu. Actually, it’s nearly an exact replica of the menu there. But if there’s one characteristic that Nexxt has that it’s competitor doesn’t, it’s the ability to bring along your dog while you chow down. Cheesecake Factory may edge them on popularity, but bring your pooch along with you to Nexxt Café on Lincoln road and the staff there won’t have an issue with it at all. 

Best Pet-Friendly Bar in Miami: Scotty’s Landing
3381 Pan American Drive | Miami, FL 33133

Scotty’s Landing in Coconut Grove is definitely a hidden gem in the city. Located on the water near City Hall in Coconut Grove, Scotty’s Landing is primarily frequented by locals, but when visitors tag along they always come back for more. Good for a cold drink on a hot day, or a hearty burger with some of the best wings in town, this place doesn’t only cater to you, but your pet as well. So long as they’re not too noisy, Scotty’s welcomes pooches of all sizes to their restaurant. 

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