Miami's Best 18+ Clubs

Miami's Best 18+ Clubs

by CoolJunkie

Miami's known more as an adult playground, but aren't you considered an adult when you turn 18? Although a majority of the clubs in South Beach and downtown Miami don't let anyone step foot inside until they're 21 (which makes sense because they'd like to make more at the bar), there are a few select venues that give the youngsters a break during select parties. Of course they won't be able to drink, but they'll make that dance floor a sweat pool since that's all they really come to do. Here's a short list of Miami's best 18+ clubs.

Best 18+ Venue in Miami: The Vagabond
30 NE 14th Street | Miami, FL 33132

Since The Vagabond opened its doors in downtown Miami, there was an instant attraction by everyone in the city, but more specifically by the younger crowd that really likes to let loose on the dance floor. Naturally, instead of shying away from the 18-21 audience, they decided to host some parties that would grant these youngsters access. Now for their Tuesday night Jazz/Open Mic party Stone Groove, SHAKE on Thursdays and Fridays at The Vagabond, anyone who's at least 18 can get access, just be prepared to pay a little extra at the door (hey, you're not paying at the bar so you have to pay your dues somewhere). Not only is it one of the best 18+ clubs in Miami, but they're one of the best in general. The Funktion One sound system in this place will tear your ears apart, but when you're that young it feels like it's the perfect volume. 

Best 18+ Venue in Miami: White Room
1306 North Miami Avenue | Miami, FL 33136

White Room's just around the corner from The Vagabond, and happens to have one of the coolest nightclub layouts in the city. Time and time again they've produced some of the best events in the city, and even though it may not be home to Poplife anymore, they still bring in a big crowd week in and week out. They're not strictly 18+ by any means, but they do cater to the younger crowd every so often, depending on the act that they bring in. The indoor/outdoor layout of the club really attracts those that are actually able to drink at the bar, because sometimes it can get a little crazy since the youngins may want to try and slam a few beers before heading inside. They're also likely to pay a bit more at the door here, but that shouldn't be a surprise. 

Best 18+ Venue in Miami: Nocturnal
50 NE 11th Street | Miami, FL 33132

Located on Miami's infamous 11th Street, a place also home to Club Space, 90 Degree and Kukaramakara, Nocturnal just so happens to be one of the biggest clubs in Miami. The nightlife business isn't the easiest thing to get involved with, so when a venue really needs to get filled up, promoters and club managers always turn to the younger crowd that's sure to fill up. Every so often Nocturnal hosts events that cater to the 18+ crowd, and when they do the line of people stretches down the block. They're known to bring in some of the best DJs to play, but it's the layout of the club that really interesting. Three different levels to dance and hear music, making more possibility for the club to bring in  more than one big DJ, and most of the time that's what happens. Remember, it's not always an 18+ party at this downtown Miami club, so make sure you get final word from the club before showing up.  

Best 18+ Venue in Miami: 90 Degree
90 NE 11th Street | Miami, FL 33132

Just when you thought that 11th Street had nothing more to offer the 18+ crowd in Miami, 90 Degree comes in to save the day. They often specialize in electronic music shows, packing one of the best sound systems in the city, but we think they're pretty solid on the Latin market as well. From reggaeton singers, to salsa bands, 90 Degree does it all, and they even let the 18+ crowd come in on certain events. This is the kind of club whose layout really makes you want to dance. You'll feel awkward not dancing if you're anywhere in the club but the bar, ordering a drink. But since the 18-21 crowd can't order anything but soda, you'll find them cutting up a rug on the dance floor.

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