Pete Tong Interview

Pete Tong Interview

by Marcos Colón
One of the busiest men in electronic music is Pete Tong. Not only is heone of the most recognized voices in the music genre (and he's not evena singer), but he's also a widely known DJ/producer that tours theworld playing some of the biggest and most popular clubs around. His'Wonderland' parties in Ibiza are massive and his mix compilations areone of the most regarded. He's not back on a U.S. tour and spreadingthe musical word as much as he can. We caught up with Pete while he hadsome time off of his busy schedule to chat about his 'Wonderland'experience this past summer, electronic music in the U.S., and what hefinds difficult about his yearly schedule.

Cooljunkie: What were some highlights at Wonderland this summer?

Pete Tong:
Just being in out third year was a highlight because we have reallyestablished the idea of Wonderland in Ibiza. So every week has been abit of an extravaganza. We had a huge night with Fat Boy Slim recently,and Afrojack, Aeroplane, Laidback Luke, Mark Knight and Calvin harrisall tore the roof off. I have been really happy with our 2010production as well the visuals from Microchunk and performers have beeninspired. Still to come in September, Erol Alkan and Boyz Noise, Felixda Housecat and Dubfire.

Cooljunkie: When putting together your "Wonderland' mix, is there a formula that you stick to, or does your thought process change year in and yearout?

Pete Tong:
I try to create a mood first andforemost that represents the party and a mix that will be moretimeless. If you just go for the big hits it's difficult to be uniqueand it can date the mix. I also try and weave tunes together in a morecreative way than just joining them together A. B. C., ect. I'm alsolooking to introduce some new producers and DJs.

Cooljunkie: In your opinion, which region in the world is really capitalizing on electronic music at the moment? Where are the best new producers coming from?

Pete Tong:
Holland is on firewith tech-house and Dirty Dutch, Joris Voorn, 2000 and One, Madskillz, Afrojack, Chuckie, it's insane! Germany is also offering many talentednew producers. These two places stand out for me. But watch out forSwitzerland and Canada. I'm hearing great things on a regular basis.

Cooljunkie: Last time we chatted you mentioned that you believe that thepopularity of electronic music in the states could be just a wave of popularity. Do you still have the same thoughts, or has that changed?

Pete Tong:
I said it's cross over appeal comes and goes but the underground ispretty steady. Obviously the interest is very high right now thanks toboth David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia's success and the popularityof the big dance festivals. Eletronica finally influencing theelectronic hip-hop and R&B world is a testament to the successright now.

Cooljunkie:You're one of the biggest radio personalities in the world, aworld-renowned DJ, and you still manage to find time to get into thestudio. What's the most challenging part of your yearly schedule?

Pete Tong:
Thebiggest challenge is always moving the agenda forward and opening newdoors. It would be much easier to stand still and just answer the phoneand do the gigs but I always try and have a plan and do new andexciting thing. Never stand still!

Cooljunkie: You're set to perform in Miami for Labor Day weekend, which isone of the biggest weekend's in Miami outside of WMC. What do you thinkmakes Miami such a special market for EDM?

Pete Tong:
Miami has invested a great deal in clubs and performance spaces. Thevenues, the sound systems, the lighting and visuals and the management.It has a long history going back to the days of disco and it's a realparty town and home of the Winter Music Conference. It's always goingto play a big role in the North American market.

CoolJunkie: Who is currently on the rise in dance music that everyone should keep an ear out for?

Pete Tong:
Luciano, Afrojack and Aeroplane have had big summers. Three corners ofthe musical spectrum! From and underground point of view DavideSquillace, Nicole Moudaber, Gary Beck and Carlo Lio are all makinggreat music too.

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