Stone Groove Tuesdays at The Vagabond

by Clubplanet

Mondays are dreaded by everyone... unless you're unemployed, of course. The weekend wraps up and Monday comes in to smack you right in the face with TPS reports, printer issues, and your boss getting up in your grill for reasons that you can't even fathom. That's why nightlife in Miami provides us with weekly parties on Mondays and Tuesdays. But while we just may not have the energy to make a big night out of Monday, Tuesday night in Miami is about as good as any other. The Vagabond hosts one laid-back weekly party on Tuesday nights that brings in a unique crowd.

Stone Groove takes place each and every Tuesday night at The Vagabond, offering a night of jazz, blues, and spoken word. The entire club isn't open for this event, but the front room provides the perfect setting for a night out. This is the perfect event to unwind and have a drink on a Tuesday night. While Tuesday night may not be your favorite night to go out, since most of us dread our boss in the AM, it does happen to be when the cool kids come out. And what better place to be than at The Vagabond?

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