New Gadget Update: dB Logic Headphones

New Gadget Update: dB Logic Headphones

by Clubplanet
You can never have enough headphones at your desk. If you ask us, everyone should have a pair of headphones for every possible situation. Whether you're working out, at your desk, on your way to the office, or at the library, there are different types of headphones out there that will adjust to situations around you, and we're here to present you with yet another set of audio plugs that you can definitely add to your list. These will be good enough for you, and even for your kids. Everyone looks for high performing buds, but these include style and comfort in the mix as well.

The all-new dB Logic headphones provide ultra-low distortion sound pressure as well as the kind of sound quality that won't rupture your eardrum. The new SPL2 technology is what gives us that extra support, making sure that we don't suffer from long-term hearing damage. The best part about it is, these won't set you back what you'd think. You're only looking at $40 max before taxes.

- Good sound quality.
- Affordable price.
- SPL2 Technology

- You can't tell whether you'll get the sound you want for your dollar's worth.
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