Best of the Best: Set Nightclub

Best of the Best: Set Nightclub

by Marcos Colón
Whenit comes to nightlife in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles,Miami and Las Vegas, there are clubs that stand out and can berecognized by a 20-something in a small town, then there’s the few thatare just as prominent, but don’t get the same amount of press. "Why isthat," you ask? Well, because they’re so exclusive, that cameras aren’teven allowed there. The last thing that celebrities and socialites wantis to have their pictures smeared on websites with a sexy lady, whilethey’re wife was at home taking care of the youngins. In Miami, SETNightclub is a venue known to fit this profile, but for us, it’s knownas the mecca of true nightlife elegance and partying in South Beach.

Opening up shop in 2007, SETnightclub has already become a nightlife venue veteran on the scene.When you’re a part of The Opium Group, don’t expect anything less.Since its opening, SEThas hosted some of the best party’s that Miami’s ever seen. With A-listcelebrities like Britney Spears, Dave Navarro, Spike Lee and JuliaStiles all visiting the chic Miami nightclub, the reputation exploded,but not in a media spastic type of way, more of a ‘hush-hush, good luckon getting in’ kind.

If you get into SET,then in a way you can automatically be considered a VIP in the club.It’s not an easy task to get past the velvet rope at this nightclub,but if you do, prepare for a hell of a time. If you’re looking to beexclusive, then hit up their VIP room. Featuring leather andPucci-fabric seating, a grand bar with a crystal prism façade and amodern glass-enclosed fireplace, you get the sense that everythingaround you was set up specifically FOR you. Don’t be surprised if youhappen to bump into a celebrity or prominent socialite in this room,but at the same time, don’t be surprised if you don’t, because there’sa whole other room for them.

Some nightclubs have their main floor, and the separate VIP seating for those special celebrities and guests. But at SETNightclub in Miami, there’s a whole new room for the term ‘VIP,’ TheTrophy Room. Created for the ‘jet-set elite in mind,’ this room wasdesigned to provide the best in privacy for those VIP guests who wantthe full feel of SETnightclub’s party atmosphere, but at the same time keep a low-profileand have the best in luxury. Inspired by a 1940’s Hollywood mogul’sprivate library, the Trophy Room has its own bar for its own guests.

Although SETmay not be mentioned as many times as Mansion or Space in Miami, or asnationally recognized as Rain in Las Vegas, it provides the kind ofexperience that neither of these other nightclubs can match, a supremecombination of exclusivity, luxury, service and non-stop partying.

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