New Gadget Update: iHome iP3

New Gadget Update: iHome iP3

by Marcos Colón
It's pretty fair to say that these days people can't live without food, water and their iPods. Music travels with us everywhere we go, be it your cellphone, laptop or that Sony Discman you refuse to get rid of. But for the most part, nearly everyone owns what's considered as one of the most user-friendly devices on the face of the planet...an iPod. Funny thing is, when we get home we still wind up using the iPod, and that's where fancy docks come into play. Sure, you could spend your money on a fancy home-audio system, and go into the intricacies of the sound with every guest that waltzes into your door, but if you have a good dock with good speakers, it's more about what's coming out of those speakers...the variety. This week's gadget is the all-new iHome dock that packs more of a punch than ever.

This time around iHome iP3 opted for more bump in their speakers by amping things up to 50W. It's still sleek as ever, and is sold at a reasonable price ($199.99), but what amazes us most is its size. Less than 15" by 6" by 7". While the boom box is a thing of the past, this is its futuristic kid sister.


- Great power (50W)
- Good size
- Affordable price


- Could find a more affordable dock with a different brand.
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