Richie Hawtin Plays Mansion This November

Richie Hawtin Plays Mansion This November

by Marcos Colón
Who would you prefer to see live? Plastikman or Richie Hawtin? Well, if you're not that into electronic music you're probably thinking, "What the hell's the difference? Same thing." Well, we're sorry to say that you're an idiot if that's what you're thinking. Production value wise, Plastikman is a whole different visual experience, but in our opinion we'd rather be a part of a Richie Hawtin set.

If you check out the video below, you'll notice that Plastikman really took advantage of the production at Coachella, mostly because there was space to customize it all. If you heard that Plastikman was the one who would be playing at Mansion this November, then we're sorry to break it to you, but it's actually Richie Hawtin.

No worries, though. Think about it, how well would a Plastikman set do at one of the most popular 'nightclubs' in South Beach? The sound isn't typically what the crowd would go for, which is why Hawtin opts for keeping his Plastikman moniker strictly for festival performances. But as far as clubs go, you really can't get much better than a set from Richie Hawtin. This November 27th, Hawtin takes over the booth at Mansion for one of the most anticipated performances of the year.

Hawtin hasn't been in Miami since playing the once infamous Pawn Shop nightclub in downtown Miami back in 2007. Ever since that sold-out event, the locals have been waiting for his return. While he was joined by Paul Ritch in 2008, this time around there will be a special live opening set by Gaiser, the German minimalist that blows up his crowd with simplistic, yet rhythmic productions.
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