Miami's Best Rock Bars

Miami's Best Rock Bars

by Marcos Colón
Miami's known to have one of the most robust nightlife scenes in thenation, with thousands of visitors flocking to the streets of downtownMiami and South Beach just to spend their hard earned money on a goodtime out. Most of the time our scene is associated with the glitz andglam of the mega-clubs that rule the attention of our visitors, butthere are also some low-key gems that give the locals a break, and areeven favored over the clubs. While the rock scene in Miami may not belike the one in NYC, we still boast some pretty damn good bars thatcater to those trying to get away from the commercial nightlife scene.Here are our picks for the best rock bars in Miami.

Best Rock Bar in Miami: The Vagabond
30 NE 14th Street

If a flashy rocker like Mick Jagger or Bowie were to put together theirdream club, that would have to be The Vagabond. Although some may seeit as more of a club, to us it's a true rock and roll bar, which alsogives you the option of cutting up a rug on their dance floor. Theoutdoor area and front bar are two of the best rooms in Miaminightlife, with their patio area offering a fountain that spits outfire (yes, fire AND water). Owner Carmel Ophir is a big fan of allthings rock, so it's no surprise that this place turned out this way.

Best Rock Bar in Miami: Churchill's Pub
5501 NE 2nd Avenue

There's absolutely no aspect of this legendary South Florida bar thatdoesn't scream rock and roll. This is where Marilyn Manson first gothis start, further cementing the true character of Churchill's Pub asone of the best rock bars in Miami. They don't try and do up theirplace with fancy portraits or classic rockers, or some special ode tothe Beatles. Nope, it's all about the grit at Churchill's Pub, andthere's no better place to have a bar in the city in our opinion.

Best Rock Bar in Miami: Tobacco Road
626 S. Miami Avenue

It's the oldest bar in Miami, and has live music playing every singlenight of the week. Not just live music, but some form of rock and roll.That easily makes Tobacco Road one of the best rock bars in Miami. Walkup to any local in Miami and ask them where Tobacco Road is, andchances are that they’ll know. Now, we know what you’rethinking,“That’s not a hole in the wall bar.” Just go once and you’lldefinitely agree with us that it is. Just because it’s a little biggerthan your ordinary bar doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have that localhaunt feeling. Tobacco Road is Miami’s oldest bar, and you definitelyget the feeling once you walk through their doors.

Best Rock Bar in Miami: Automatic Slims
1216 Washington Avenue

Automatic Slims reminds me of the type of bar you'd find on the SunsetStrip in Los Angeles. The lighting is bright and tacky, the decor is as'off' as a dated gallon of milk, but the booze flows like wine! IfMötley Crüe were still in their prime, this would definitely be one oftheir favorite places to hang. While the music selection primarilydepends on what DJ is there that night, there's always some kind of80's hair metal that gets play during the night. Although at times itmay seem like it's manufactured to be this way (there's really noauthentic feel), it doesn't matter because it still attracts the kindof crowd that opts for a crazy night at a bar, rather than club.

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