Downtown Leisure: Segafredo Brickell

Downtown Leisure: Segafredo Brickell

by Tony Henriquez
Miami is known for its prominent nightlife scene, and although we love the city and its ability to always keep us entertained, it’s the business entrepreneurs that are fueling these venues that have a concern at hand. With Miami’s ever-changing nightlife scene, where one minute you are hot and the next you are shut out, it comes to no surprise why most venue owners are worried about their position in the runnings. Then again, some locales are unique enough to make a mark within Miami’s unstable nightlife scene; the only word that comes to our mind to describe this mess: disaster!

This is where Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Brickell Café comes in. The simply brilliant restaurant/bar/lounge has been a Miami staple for quite some time now.

Segafredo Brickell is a hotspot often frequented by many singles and couples, alike. It’s an absolute understatement to say that the creative business minds behind this well-oiled machine have implemented a great marketing strategy, as they have clearly perfected their tactics in alluring a consistently upbeat crowd. Whether they have an actual planto attract their party goers or they simply rely on the traditional ways of word of mouth, it’s working! When we say this is the happening spot in and around town, take our word for it—after all, we are the experts!

The venue’s ability to offer a truly versatile space is what makes this venue a favorite among Miami natives and visitors. So whether you are looking for a stress-soothing happy hour cocktail, a cozy dinner for two or a fun night out on the town, Segafredo Brickell is your one-stop shop. This Italian wonder, which has already acquired worldwide acclaim, is sure to satisfy the foodie inside you—try the Mahi Mahi (you will thank us later).

If you have yet to be intrigued about what the Segafredo family has to offer, maybe it is best for you to get a first-hand experience; the venue’s atmosphere alone will captivate you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a group of your favorite friends and make it a Segafredo kind of night.

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