The Sexiest Costumes for Ladies

The Sexiest Costumes for Ladies

by Andrea Selgas
Every year October comes around and the only thing on everyone’s mind is Halloween. Where you’re going to be partying, what candy you’ll be leaving out, but most importantly, what you’re going to be wearing. Not to be cliché and quote Mean Girls, but “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” As funny as this quote is in the movie, it's perfect, because it’s true. This is the one night of the year, where girls can dress as sexy as they want, which is why most ladies take advantage. The following are some fun, sexy options for this Halloween night:
Sexy Halloween Costume 2011

Whether it is Batwoman, Superwoman, Catwoman or another hero you choose to be, you’re sure to look hot in it. With the leather boots, sexy short top and mini skirt, guys will be begging for you to rescue them.

Sexy Halloween Costume 2011

Many girls dream of being a playmate or a playboy bunny and Halloween is the time to make your dreams come true. Fishnet stockings, 6-inch heels, a bunny suit with the cute puffy tail and ears and you are set to have a hopping night.

Sexy Halloween Costume 2011

What could possibly scream sexier than a tight, short outfit, that shows just enough cleavage and is paired up with high leather boots. Every guy at the party will be hoping that you were the one pulling them over. The bonus about this attire is the accessories it comes with, you might even be able to put those handcuffs to use later onthat night.

Sexy Halloween Costume 2011

Like the cop outfit, there’s something about dressing up as something that guys are known for, that make this costume that much more appealing; probably because we make way hotter pirates than guys do, unless you’re Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s something about a ripped skirt, ankle boots, cropped shirt that make this costume one of the most popular. It could also be the whole mystery behind the eye patch.

Sexy Halloween Costume 2011

This outfit has several different ways that it can work, but all have the same result. You’ll have men’s pulses rising. If you wear a mini nurse dress and pair it up with knee high boots and a stethoscope you’ll have every man pleading for you to check their heart rate. Also, you can practice your mouth to mouth in little white boy shorts and a tiny little white shirt and high stockings and pumps.

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