Miami's Best Bars for Beer

Miami's Best Bars for Beer

by Spencer Manley

Everyone loves a specially brewed lager, which happens to be the specialty of all of the bars on this list. Placed in no explicit order,all of these bars offer a plethora of brews in addition to their own house beers, which are usually better than the other stuff anyway. Each location has its own scenery and none of them are alike in the crowd they attract. Find your niche and let the bartender brew you something incredible.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: The Room
100 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL

Prior to The Room’s opening, having sensual appeal in a bar was previously unheard of. With a tranquil vibe under dim lighting, The Room is more than just a bar, as it is a great spot to get to know someone. A first date treasure, The Room boasts 60 different beers to choose from and a full bar, even equipped with some wine selections. The atmosphere is very personal in The Room and it serves as an inviting establishment for a low-key drinking experience.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: Yard House
320 San Lorenzo Ave
Coral Gables, FL

A more upscale setting, Yard House differs from most bars that either only have good beer or good food. Yard House has both. The menu has a classic American design in its edible options, but honestly, who goes to bars for food anyway? Furnished with a huge, transparent keg room that holds 600 barrels of beer and an impeccable selection of draft beer that range from popularity to even the most obscure of tastes, there is no excuse to not be inebriated at Yard House.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: The Bar
172 Giralda Ave
Miami, FL

With a name like “The Bar” you already know what to expect from the outside of this cozy establishment. Reminiscent of a “Cheers” vibe, The Bar is a very traditional spot with excellent bartenders who become very personal with their guest. It is an open environment for beer guzzlers alike to come and take a seat in The Bar’s wood-paneled rooms and take pleasure in one of their various drafts and savory charbroiled burgers.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: Zeke’s Roadhouse
625 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL

An affordable beer on South Beach is hard to come by if your GPS navigation isn’t set to Zeke’s Roadhouse. Keeping 80 different brews, 60 of them imported, at $4 a piece, drinkers can let their wallets breathe while they fill their stomachs with carbonation.  Being that this is always-sunny Miami Beach, Zeke’s has an outdoor bar for those who like a fresh breeze to keep their beer hand chilly.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: Abbey Brewing Co.
1115 16th St
Miami Beach, FL

Only a short walk from Lincoln Road, The Abbey Brewing Company isparadise to those with a taste for the finest brews. Abbey serves 22 bottled varieties and offers 14 various beers on tap, 3 of them being brewed in-house. Take your taste buds on a journey and try the bar’s best seller, the Abbey Immaculate IPA. For interesting thrill seekers,come by on Sunday and try a hotdog cooked in beer while you kick back and watch the Dolphins game.

Best Bar for Beer in Miami: Titanic Brewing Co.
5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL

Located in Hurricane territory, be prepared to be blown away by your experience at Titanic. What separates The Titanic Brewery Company from other bars in Miami? Nothing much, just a couple of awards. 3 of its 6 house beers are award winners for great taste, their names being: Triple Screw Light Ale, Boiler Room Nut Brown Ale and Captain Smith's Rye Ale. The Porthole Sampler is highly regarded for first-timers with an adventurous taste. This is an ideal setting for Miami Hurricanes fans, as the common garbs consist of orange and green stitching. Stop by for a drink at the only brewery in Florida to win the World Beer Cup Award.

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