Inviting You To Lay Down: BED Nightclub

Inviting You To Lay Down: BED Nightclub

by Marcos Colón

For a second close your eyes and imagine a complete relaxing nightclub experience. First of all the music wouldn’t burst your eardrums out of your head, the crowd wouldn’t be so large that it would completely spill out of the venue, and they would have the ultimate furniture to lounge on. Although that may not be your ultimate experience, it is for us. However, one thing we may have in common is that true comfort in a club lies in the furniture. While some venues opt for the lush vintage velvet chairs, others like booth style lounges. But there’s one venue in Miami who takes their furniture serious, so much so that it’s affected the name of the establishment, BED Nightclub.

BED’s not only one of the hottest places to party at in South Beach, but it’s one hell of a restaurant. You won’t hear too much about their kitchen because their dance floor at night gets most of the attention, but were commend stopping by for a great meal. But when it comes tonight life,the two just don’t match up. As soon as you walk in the venue you’ll be relaxed by the soft lighting that’s carefully located throughout the venue. Soft hues of violet, pink and orange combined with the aesthetically pleasing décor could relax a person with the strongest case of vertigo. But if there’s one aspect that highlights BED, it has to be the furniture.

Why is this place called BED, maybe because there are beds surrounding the walls inside. That’s right, instead of opting for the typical couches and velvet chairs, BED has decided to use the one piece of furniture that could relax just about anyone. When it comes to bottle service, just sit at your designated VIP bed and wait for the lovely ladies to come through and bring you your order. Even if you come for a meal, you’ll still have the same seating, making it one of the best alternative places to grab a bite.

The party formatting at BED is just as good as its décor. Weekly events like Secret Society Mondays, Pillow Talk Wednesdays and Room Service Saturdays bring out the city socialites by the herds. During Winter Music Conference this place hosts some of the best talent from around the world, including Danny Howells, Donald Glaude and Kaskade. If you haven’t yet been to BED, we suggest checking it out. It’s a must on South Beach.

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