LIV Brings in Manufactured Superstars

LIV Brings in Manufactured Superstars

by Marcos Colón
As a DJ-production duo, you have to be pretty ballsy to make your trademark logo two characters that pretty much resemble characters from South Park. But, when you're the co-founders of Beatport, and you look like Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you definitely have some clearance (did we also mention they're from Colorado?).

Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo are best known for their involvement with Beatport, but as soon as they had the opportunity to launch some of their own music, in comes Manufactured Superstars, their duo-stage name/aliases. Known for supplying heavy sets of electro, progressive and house music, these guys have played some of the biggest and best club parties in the nation, and it has nothing to do with Beatport.

This coming Wednesday night they return to Miami to play one of the biggest and most popular venues known to nightlife in America, LIV. It's a Wednesday night at LIV, but the crowd on Wednesdays is definitely one of the best. With a mix of bottle-poppers and hipsters, it's more of a musical melting pot than anything else, much like their sets. Residents Ross One, Contra and Jessica Who will warm up the crowd, but the main attraction will be when the Superstars take the stage in their spacesuits...yes, spacesuits.
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