George Acosta and Company Visit Miami for Autumn Fest

George Acosta and Company Visit Miami for Autumn Fest

by Marcos Colón
Ultra Music Festival isn't for another four months, and there hasn'tbeen anything close to a music festival in Miami since last March, butwhy not introduce something new this week to Miami that may take placeat a smaller venue, but still brings in just as many names if not more.This Saturday night Miami welcomes in the first annual Autumn MusicFestival taking place at Mekka nightclub in downtown Miami.

Everyone knows the area pretty well, seeing as 11th street and giants like Nocturnal and Club Space are just around the corner. But this Saturday night it seems as though Mekka will get most of the attention in downtown. Featuring nearly 100 namesthat span the nation and some of Miami's top talent, this event willdefinitely offer the best in music.

George Acosta, SaeedYounan, DJ Icey, Willie Morales, Granite and Phunk and Edgar V. arejust a few names that are set to play. There's even a Vagabond area where you can hear your favorite residents from the club play,including Carmel Ophir and Rodney Mayo. The production level on thiscolossal event may not match up to what Ultra Music Festival does, butthe fact that they're supplying that much talent under one roof for oneday is extremely impressive on its own.
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