South Beach's Chimera: Dream Nightclub

South Beach's Chimera: Dream Nightclub

by Marcos Colón

When you think of the actual purpose of a nightclub, a majority of the times you’ll get something along the lines of, “leave your problems at the door to come in and drink and dance the night away.” For the most part that statement is pretty dead on. In other words, going to a nightclub at times can almost be seen as a place that’s out of the ordinary,almost like a dream. One venue in South Beach has taken that to heart, creating a nightlife playground that has stood the test of time in Miami thus far, and keeps creating new weekly parties to keep the ADD crowd that frequents South Beach coming back for more each week. Dream Nightclub was once known as Shadow Lounge, a city favorite to the locals. But now they’re starting to forget about the past, and looking forward to the many events that are being produced at Dream.

Located on the infamous Washington Avenue in South Beach, pass by Dream Nightclub any day that its open, and you’re sure to find quite the crowd waiting patiently outside to get a chance at coming in. When it comes to its décor, it features a combination of vintage style and cosmopolitan sophistication. The venue is as big as you’ll want it to be, giving off a slight intimate feel, even though you’re in one of the most popular nightclubs in town. With a 550-person capacity, Dream comprises 8,500 square feet with two levels including three distinctive rooms. So instead of opting for the mega-club that only has one sound and one DJ, Dream gives off the variety that most people prefer.Whether it’s the main room, the nugget room, or the candle room, we’re sure that you’ll find your spot inside of Dream.

Their weekly parties are what really bring in the crowd, though. FUBAR, their Friday night party has been bringing in some of the best DJ talent from around the nation, and they keep doing it week after week. Although many people in Miami miss the Shadow Lounge days on South Beach, Dream is doing a good job of creating the perfect atmosphere for fans to look into the future, and forget about the past.


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