Cameo's New Year's Eve Party with Lil Jon

Cameo's New Year's Eve Party with Lil Jon

by Marcos Colón

Lil Jon is known for his unique banter, but what he's still not known for are his DJ skills. We've caught a few of hits sets, and while the first one we caught wasn't his best (during 2009's Winter Music Conference) he's definitely been practicing. Instead of hitting the studio as often as he does, he's been hitting the club, being booked all over the nation at some of the biggest venues. Not to say that he's the next Deadmau5, but when you can get a character like Lil Jon in the booth, it only builds interest in the crowd.

This New Year's Eve he was in high demand, but one South Beach hotspot managed to snag him. On what's considered one of the most entertaining nights of the year, New Year's Eve, Lil Jon will take his talent to Cameo nightclub in South Beach for a special DJ performance. Playboy's involved with the event as well, apparently making Cameo the sexiest venue at midnight.

Sounds like there are definitely some surprises in store. Since this is a New Year's party, don't expect Lil Jon to stick just to hip-hop. There's going to be a melting pot of musical tastes at Cameo, so expect a solid open-format set from him.

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