The Dos and Donts of New Year's Eve

The Dos and Donts of New Year's Eve

by CoolJunkie

It’s the biggest party night of the year. Big expectations, big money, big debauchery, and if you don’t give it adequate planning…a big disappointment. To get 2011 started on the right foot, follow these Dos and Don’ts.

Do: Read the fine print.
To sell as many tickets as they can, many New Year’s websites advertise “OPEN BAR!” But there’s a difference between a quickie one-hour happy hour and an extended, 6-hour open bar with top shelf liquor. Make sure you’re getting the latter.

Don’t: Show up without tickets.
Unless you have more hook-ups than Vincent Chase, don’t show up at the door empty-handed. The bouncer will laugh in your face. To get in toany party, you need advanced tickets. Which brings us to….

Do: Visit NewYears.com
Are we biased? Yes. Are we wrong? No. NewYears.com has literally every party worth knowing about. Photos, thorough descriptions, a breakdown of the food menu, tickets, even walk through videos. The site has been the leader in New Year’s Eve parties for over a decade. Think of it as the CNN of New Year’s. But sexier than Larry King.

Don’t: Expect to mingle with Paris Hilton
It’s an old trick. Parties like to say, “XYZ Party…with Lindsay Lohan!!!!”  Now, don’t get us wrong. Whichever party has Lindsay Lohanas a host—in all probability—will be a damn good party. But you shouldn’t expect to actually stand in line to the bathroom with Lindsay Lohan, talking about lip gloss and her favorite pair of coke pants.You’d be shocked how many people misunderstand this. If you want to spend some real quality time with a real celebrity, go to rehab.

Do: Eat.
Another trick. Parties looooove to advertise things like “Gourmet hors d’oeuvres from Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago.” And sometimes that’s true. Usually? It’s a tiny platter of crackers that disappears by 10:00pm. So before you get to the party—and consume heroic amounts of Grey Goose—fortify your liver with a proper dinner.

Don't: Pre-game
On the other 364 nights of the year, we heartily recommend pairing your dinner with a glass of wine or a high-end beer. But New Year's partying often goes well after dawn, and while we know you champs can probably handle the rigors of a 12-hour drinking binge, just remember: you only get one day off to recover. So skip the Cab Sav at 6pm with that hearty dinner and wait until 10 to order that first beverage.

Don’t: Arrive at the usual “cool” time.
All you nightlife insiders…you know how it goes. On most nights, it’s kinda lame to get to a venue before midnight, and it’s scandalous to even think about getting there before 10pm. On New Year’s Eve? The clock starts earlier. Forget the usual hipper-than-thou etiquette. Get there early to beat the lines, check your coats, and get a head start on attacking that open bar.

Do: Plan for midnight
Classic rookie mistake: people get drunk too early, lose track of their friends, and then, at 11:54, realize they’re 5-deep at the bar and smooshed against some fat chick. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead,get your champagne glass around 11:30, stick with your friends, and make sure you have someone to kiss at midnight.

Do: Have an escape route
If you think making eye contact with the guy working the bar on New Year's, try hailing a cab at 5:28 a.m. on January 1st in Times Square.Those yellow chariots will whizz past you and the 23 other people on the same street corner without a second glance. Put in at least 3, nay,7 cab numbers in your phone and call them repeatedly until someone picks up. Describe what you're wearing and the exact location of your group so another group won't jack your ride home.

For a complete list of New Year's Eve parties, hit www.NewYears.com.

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