Vangeli returns to Miami to play Mansion

Vangeli returns to Miami to play Mansion

by CoolJunkie
For Miami nightlife it's back to square one this week, seeing as all the anticipated for New Year's Eve has finally died down. Now it's time for clubs, bars and lounges all over the city to deliver the goods on a weekly basis yet again, until the next big series of events come into town (Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival in March). Mansion's wasting no time in delivering the goods this week as they welcome Max Vangeli for another go at the anxious EDM crowd in Miami.

After teaming up with Steve Angello and AN21 for "The Island," Max Vangeli's stock raised dramatically. He was already being regarded as one of the biggest up and coming names in electronic music, but after working with the likes of Swedish House Mafia, it automatically takes your music cred to a whole other level. While in 2010 Vangeli was working on making his name well-known, 2011 is all about working hard in the studio to make sure that his name sticks in everyone's minds. His signature tech-house releases always do well in big rooms all across the biggest nightlife markets in the nation, so we can expect a lot more to come from the San Francisco based DJ-producer.

Vangeli should be welcomed by a near sold-out crowd this Saturday night. Mansion's continuing their trend as being one of the top talent bookers in nightlife in the country, and after last weekend's events, this is only more proof that even more goods are to come.
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