Opium readies to release March dates

Opium readies to release March dates

by CoolJunkie

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, it's pretty damn clear that the Opium Group has become a superpower in Miami nightlife. While their venues primarily rule South Beach, don't put it past them to take over or possibly open up a downtown venue in the near future. But while that should certainly be on the back-burner at the moment, what's on everyone's mind are the dates that they'll choose to host their week-long series of events that usually fell during Winter Music Conference in years past.

The Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference date debacle has been quite the subject amongst the electronic dance music community, but in the end we've always thought that it all rested in the hands of the Opium Group. Will they stick with the Winter Music Conference dates early in March, or will they opt to stick with the traditional format of late March, much like Ultra Music Festival did?

While we had a strong opinion on this before, it's already too late for nightlife venues to decide when they'll be hosting their series of events. Most may not have the funds to bring in that caliber of talent twice in one month, so they'll have to choose one or the other, and chances are that they've already stuck with a plan for March.

One thing is for sure, the Opium Group always has Winter Music Conference in mind, and word is that their schedule is close to being released. With Mansion, Cameo, SET, Louis and Mokaï all being legitimate nightlife options in South Beach, expect them to once again deliver the goods in March.
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