Made in Miami Brings in Junior Sanchez

Made in Miami Brings in Junior Sanchez

by CoolJunkie

Believe it or not (just believe it), Miami's turned into a leading worldwide city in electronic dance music. Don't blame it on the clubs, don't blame it on the talent pool that comes out of the Magic City, blame it on the locals. The fun-loving individuals that go out each and every week to enjoy the robust nightlife scene that downtown and South Beach has to offer. If you can get the Miami crowd to love you as a DJ, then you're well on your way to a successful career. No matter where you play in Miami, or what crowd you play to, you better be ready to make them dance. If there's one DJ that understands this better than anyone it's Miami's own Oscar G.

Known as the best talent to come out of the Miami EDM scene, the title of Oscar's monthly residency at Mansion nightclub says it all, "Made in Miami." The best way to understand what locals want in Miami nightlife, is to be one yourself. This party brings in a great crowd that starts dancing when his set starts and doesn't stop until the sun creeps up on South Beach.

This Saturday's Made in Miami event bring in Junior Sanchez to start up the night. As if Oscar G. isn't enough to get you to the party, sharing the booth with Junior Sanchez will definitely pack this party once again in no time.
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