Skrillex Talks Britney Spears Track

Skrillex Talks Britney Spears Track

by CoolJunkie

Skrillex (not DJ Skrillex folks, just plain Skrillex) is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic dance music. After releasing a slew of hits that conquered the charts on Beatport, the Los Angeles based dubstepper is garnering attention from all over the globe for the high energy sets that include scary breakdowns. Other than the obvious, this also means that his opinion counts on all production fronts. But what about when it comes to the pop music world?

He's recently made it pretty clear that he's no production snob, and appreciates work from even the poppiest of producers, including legendary hit-makers Max Martin and Dr. Luke, who's recently worked on a Britney track that caught his attention, as well as the rest of the dubstep community. He thinks the "dubstep" section of the track isn't to great, but in the end will be good for the genre.

"The more the stuff that is underground becomes mainstream, the more the underground is gonna change," Skrillex said in an interview with MTV. "I think it's gonna inspire people to obviously do something different."

As far as the "dubstep" part of Britney's song "Hold It Against Me," :

"I thought the dubstep part was unnecessary," he said. "Not to say it was done wrong. I feel like it was very self-aware and consciously put in there to be 'the dubstep part.'"
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