Nightlife Romance: Read the Signs

Nightlife Romance: Read the Signs

by Pete Tremblay
The intricacies of human body language have been one of the most widely studied concepts during the last 100 years. Like it or not, people say more with a glance and a smile than they could ever get across with even the most absurd Tucker Max* pickup lines. A simple nod with as mile and a three second visual connection with the girl across the dance floor could mean anything ranging from “Come talk to me,” to“Let’s skip the conversation and grab a bottle of wine on the way back to my flat!” A simple sultry and suggestive glance in return, while she draws attention to her lips with the straw placed oh so conveniently in her vodka and cranberry, and the next step in the brilliant dance continues.  Now it’s time to make out the most direct route to her through the sea of passers by and fellow romance seekers all while attempting to seem nonchalant and direct at the same time!  Gives you a headache just thinking about it doesn’t it?

Don’t fret love (or lust) seekers! It’s not that hard to understand! We’ve been programmed since kindergarten (thank you social streamlining!) to respond correctly to these cues; it’s just a matter of being aware of (and mastering) your own body language and using a little common sense and creativity to reign, react and respond to the signs and signals from across the nightclub dance floor. Here are a few suggestions and obvious signs that CoolJunkie has compiled to translate the language of silent seduction! Enjoy!

1. One glance means nothing. Two glances could lead to something. Three glances and it’s on!The rule of threes. Why three? She has to make damned sure that the light didn’t hit you just right to make you look like David Beckham,and you are actually available and  into it. The first glance is for scouting. As she scans the horizon of half lit dance floor possibilities finding her way to you, momentary eye contact means… well absolutely nothing. She might have really been into the art on the wall, or even worse, the guy standing right behind you, but if she notices you long enough to think about it, you might have a chance. The second glance (usually accompanied by a smile and slightly prolonged eye contact) is almost more important than the third due to the fact that this is the exploratory and decision making glance. She wants to know what she’s getting herself into, how good you actually look, and the obviousness of your availability all while making you notice her at the same time.  The third time is the closer. Generally accompanied by a glance that screams “Come and buy me a drink now, you have five seconds to react or loose me forever.” 

2. If you gesture “hello” and she doesn’t respond, move on to the next girl.The truth hurts, and sometimes being completely ignored is even worse.But it is the easiest and most obvious sign to interpret and respond to in the language of movement. Have you ever waved, smiled, stood next to, or tried to talk to a girl who reacted colder than the AC that engulfed the nightclub before anyone arrived? That’s a bad sign. What she is trying to say without being rude is, “Listen I don’t see you right now because you do not currently and most likely will never exist in my world. Don’t bother, I don’t care that you claim to be a brain surgeon with a private Lear jet, a villa on Star Island and an invitation to Diddy’s New Year’s Party.” Time to move on to the next possibility.

3. If you’re surrounded by your friends and she is looking your way, make sure it’s you she wants and not your boy.Communication is key on this one. So is being honest with yourself. If you’re in a wolf pack and she’s looking over in the general direction of EVERYONE you’re surrounded with, do not automatically assume she’s into you. There is an easy way to get around this, however, and discover the truth. Take a lap! Get a new perspective on your prospect away from your boys and start the dance on the solo. If she is obviously looking your way for the second glance (while the boys are off scouting for themselves) then there is not a question as to who she’s staring at. It was you the whole time anyway! 

4. If you notice the dancing gap closing, make a move. Moving with the music and closing in on each other are completely different things. If she is moving with the rhythm, bringing herself closer to you with each turn to the point where you can smell the Vodka and Redbull on her breath and the vanilla perfume she spritzed herself with, then there is an obvious and literal attraction bringing you closer with each bass drop. Don’t fight it, she sees how you move and wants to, at very least,  share a dance.
5. Don’t think that just because she is with a guy, it’s her guy.This one can be a bit tricky to navigate. Girls want to have a wingman as well, and in the words of my sister “some sort of boy-be-gone”repellant to chase away the less than desirables and make it easier for her to scope out the playing field. Common sense would say that maybe if she is there with the guy, holding his hand, dancing exclusively(and in very close proximity) with him, making out etc., this is most likely her man. However, girls like to feel safe and generally there is no way that she and he will be going for the same prospect.  It makes it easier for her, but doesn’t mean that she is unavailable! During your lap, scope it out, notice how they are interacting and go from there.


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