Get Your Hookah On!

Get Your Hookah On!

by Mufsin Mahbub

For several years now, over 400 new hookah bars have opened in the United States. Despite public smoking bans, hookah bars and lounges are permitted to operate in most U.S. cities by having a special license. Hookah lounges are places where visitors can enjoy music and Middle Eastern cuisine, while smoking a hookah pipe. Finding a hookah bar in your area isn’t difficult, so here are some tips:

1)    Get schooled by learning about hookah. Remember that hookah is a water pipe filled with tobacco that comes flavored with molasses once added before lighting up. The flavors range from apple to chocolate. Also, know that the hookah pipe should be in the middle of the table at the lounge with several hoses for joint smoking. One bowl of tobacco and molasses would probably last about 45 minutes with two people. The price per bowl can vary.

2)    Search online for hookah directories. You can find many hookah bar directories on the web, where you can locate a hookah bar/lounge in your area. But for the best possible option, check in our directory for the most up to date and accurate information.

3)    Hookah bars near college campuses are extremely popular, and more often than not some of the best. We recommend checking these out, seeing as the hookah venues located near college campuses sometimes offer the most variety.

4)    Make sure the hookah bars you find have a license to distribute them. You can check the place out or see ratings if available. The last thing you want is to take one puff and have the hookah taken away from you because of some bogus violation.

5)    Make sure that the venue is aesthetically pleasing. Many hookah lounges have elegant or contemporary elements, such as glass tables, flat-screen TVs, and oxygen bars. Always make sure it’s a great atmosphere filled with music and even live entertainment to keep you enjoying the bowl!

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