Options for Pre-Partying

Options for Pre-Partying

by Lauren Khalaf

The friends that pre-party together, stay together. Ever since I can recall people have been getting together before a night out at a friends house to pre-party, better known as pre-game.

The standard schedule leading up to a night out is to get ready, meet up with your usual group of friends and head somewhere else to begin the night out. While pre-gaming at a friend’s house is enjoyable it’s also the norm.

Here are a few ways to alter your routine up a bit.

Plan to start your night out at a bowling alley. On the weekends, a lot of bowling alleys offer late-night specials, which embrace music and special lighting. A game of bowling before a night out is sure to bring out your liveliness.

Go to a casino and play to win. Everyone knows that once you sit at a table to gamble, the free drinks come rolling in. It’s essentially a free pre-game. Yes, your spending money, but you also have the opportunity of winning it back and more.

Grab a bite to eat in close proximity to the venue you’ll be partying at. This is also a common routine, but without a doubt underrated. If you choose a place close enough to your venue, you can start drinking without having to worry about how you’re going to get from one destination to the next. Whether it’s a five star restaurant for a full meal or a fun restaurant for some appetizers it will give you and your friends a chance to socialize before heading out to a loud bar or club.

Going to a restaurant is beneficial in more ways than one. You can eat and drink at the same time, socialize, and also ensure that you have some food in your stomach.

No one wants to start a night out alone, it’s not as pleasurable and it increases the likeliness of not being able to find your friends and having to spend the night by yourself. There are plenty of places to go and things to do with friends to start the night out right. Try these suggestions and venture out of your comfort zone.

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