What To Look For in Happy Hour

by Samantha Sherlock

It's nearly 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Your neck is getting tense from sitting in front of your computer screen all day and your eyes are desperately trying not to close. You’re just a few minutes away from logging off and saying “Thank God it’s Friday!” So,now what? Well, round up a group of friends and hit the town for a solid happy hour…or five.

You want to go to a place where the drinks are flowing. But there are a few provisions you should consider.If you and your friends plan on being at this bar for more than an hour then make sure you aren’t throwing down $10 for a Bud Light. Happy houris supposed to be just that; you’re not supposed to sit there and become angry at the money you’re spending on drinks. Make sure to go to some place with a great drink special like five beers for $5 or two margaritas for the price of one. You’ve also had a long week of work so you want to make sure your mixed drink is up to par. If the bartender is skimping on the vodka in your vodka cranberry then try the other bartender. If it becomes a pattern switch to beer otherwise switch bars.

During happy hour you may decide to make a few new friends. Who knows, you could even leave with a date for the next night. However, in order to have that happen you need to go to a bar that is going to have the right crowd for you. Make sure you and your friends go some place where there will be people in the same age range as you. Meeting new people can always make the night a little more interesting.

You’re office is so quiet during the week that you could hear a pin drop. When happy hour comes around all you want to do is make a lot of noise and maybe even dance to a song or two. Go to a bar with good, up to date music. The last thing you would want to hear is the elevator music you hear at work everyday!

Happy hour does fall around dinner time and although it may be fun to make a dozen beers your dinner for the evening your stomach and head are not going to think so the next day.Go to a bar that has great pub food; nachos, chicken fingers, cheese fries, buffalo wings…the usual greasy menu will do. You can split a bunch of appetizers with your friends so you don’t get stuffed and become tired like it’s Thanksgiving. Also, this saves room for more drinks!

Next time you plan on doing a happy hour with your friends don’t forget the essentials; drinks, crowds, music and food.Trust me, you’ll be glad you thought of it! 

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