End the Night the Right Way

End the Night the Right Way

by Lauren Khalaf

Starting the night out is generally a hit with its fun and games. Nevertheless, it’s ending the night out that can get a little tricky.

You lose something, you lose someone, you lose your buzz, whichever it is it’s a loss and no one wants to end their night losing.

If you refer back to our “How to keep your things safe when you’re out,” article it offers a quantity of tips on how not to lose your belongings.

Leave the way you came by coming up with a buddy system you and your friends can stick to. Check in with each other throughout the night to make sure you are all alive and still in the same location.  Send out amass text to the group you go out with to let them know where you are,it’ll remind them you’re there and strike a chord that they should check in as well.

One of the major ways to lose a buzz is with a fight and a lot of times fights begins because you’re buzzed. What are the odds? A buzz is enjoyable, but being trashed to the extent that you’re picking a fight with everyone you see, is not. Instead of fighting over a spilt drink, jealousy and the standard excess of testosterone, squash the quarrel over a drink or simply be the bigger person and walk away before the situation escalates.

The absolute worse way to end a night is in a ditch bent over puking your insides out. Never wonder off by your lonesome, if you’re not feeling too hot ask a friend to go to the restroom with you to keep from any future embarrassment. If the bathroom break doesn’t cure the sickness,make the decision to call it a night and save yourself from something you may regret.

The absolute best way to end a night out is with food. Ask anyone. A lot of nightlife destinations are surrounded by late night hot spots. Grab your group and head for some food, this way if you're missing someone from the group they can always meet you while you satisfy your late night craving. If you’re out late enough or should I say early enough, opt for some breakfast, because lets be honest if you’re out that late you wont be waking up in time for breakfast anyhow.

If you’re not ready to head home just yet but you’re wedged in between a laid back mood and party-mode, seek out a lounge or a dive bar that's open late, real late. End the night somewhere where you can hear yourself talk or even sing.

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