Drinking Games for Your Party!

Drinking Games for Your Party!

by Samantha Sherlock

If your place frequently becomes the official party house it can become difficult to keep up with the entertainment for your guests. Sometimes it can be a good idea to turn to a game or two. But, let’s get real. Twister and Monopoly just aren’t going to cut it. After all, this is a party and your guests came to have a good time and a few laughs over a couple (dozen) beers. Break out the drinking games! Here are five activities that are sure to get your friends off their chairs and having a good time!

Flip Cup
During a game of flip cup the people that win tend to be the ones who drink more – making for an interesting evening. The game is simple. First, you need a table that is long enough for two teams of equal players. The teams are lined up on each side of the table, facing each other. Each player should have a classic plastic red cup filled a quarter or half way with beer. The starter (the first person in line) faces their opponent, cheers with them, and then chugs their beer. Next is what makes it interesting! The player must put their cup right side up on the edge of the table. Using your fingers on one hand you must flip the cup upside down. After one person has completed “the flip” the next person in line is up. The team that finishes first wins. The more people that play, the more exciting the game becomes! How fast can you flip a cup?

Quarters is a classic drinking game that has been around for a while. Put a shot glass in the middle of the table. Then, each player takes a turn bouncing a quarter off the table trying to get it into the shot glass. If you miss you take a shot of liquor. If you successfully make the shot you can pick someone else to do the drinking. This game isn’t easy – you may find yourself feeling a little light headed as it comes to an end. Good luck!

To play Kings you just need a deck of cards and a sense of humor! Anyone can play kings – it’s fun with a group of five or more friends. Every card in the deck will be drawn one at a time. Each card has a different activity or rule the players must follow. Some meanings may vary and depend on your group of friends. Here are some rules that are most common:

Ace – Waterfall; the person who draws the card starts to drink and everyone follows. You don’t stop until the person who started stops.
2 – You; you choose someone to drink.
3 – Me; you drink.
4 – To the floor; all the players must put both hands on the floor. The last one to do so drinks.
5 – Guys; all the guys drink.
6 – Chicks; all the girls drink.
7 – Heaven; everyone points to the ceiling. The last one to do so drinks.
8 – Rule; the player who draws the card makes up a rule that everyone must follow until the end of the game.
9 – Rhyme; starting with the player who drew the card, players take turns rhyming words. The first player to stutter or can’t come up with anything drinks.
10 – Sentences; the player who drew the card says one word the next player says the first players word and a word of their own to start forming a sentence. You keep going around the circle until someone stutters or can’t come up with anything. That player drinks.
Jack – Never Have I Ever; all players hold up three fingers and take turns saying different things they have never done. If you’ve done it you put a finger down. The first player with all fingers down drinks.
Queen – Questions; starting with the player who drew the card asks any other player a question about anything. Then that player asks another player a question and so on and so on. Don’t give an answer, just keep asking random questions. First player to stutter or can’t come up with anything drinks.
King – Categories; the player who drew the card chooses a category then all the players go around stating different things that fall into that category. The first player to stutter or can’t come up with anything drinks.

Power Hour
Each player during power hour must take a shot of beer every minute. In order to follow the time you should create a play list of your favorite songs making each song 59 seconds long. Every time a song changes take a shot of beer. At the end of the hour you may be seeing double!

Beer Pong
Beer pong usually requires four players, a long folding table, ping pong balls, and 20 plastic red cups. Oh, and beer of course! Each team of two sets up their ten cups in a triangle formation at the end of the table. Fill your cups half way with beer. Each player takes a turn throwing a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If the ball falls into one of the opposing teams cups they must drink that cup of beer. You keep going until all the cups are empty. Beer pong is one of the most popular games played at parties.

So, next time you’re at a party which game will you play? 

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