Top Nightlife Spring Fashion Trends

Top Nightlife Spring Fashion Trends

by Lauren Khalaf

Spring is here and bringing in some of our preferred past trends.

We’re not sure about you but we’ve been waiting to shove the black, grey, and navy outfits into the back of our closets and bring our brights forward. Nightlife is dark as is, so by wearing spring’s top bright colors like orange, pink, green, and blue you’ll be sure to stand out. These colors aren’t to be minimized to shirts and dresses only. Dress yourself from head to toe. Bold color combos are sure to be spotted at club entrances and bars. Use color in your skirts, shorts, shoes, and jewelry as well.

Ladies, listen up. Thick heels are in, and they’re marking their territory. It’s about time too! Skinny high heels don’t make for easy walking and especially dancing! Designer Dries Van Noten has introduced bright colored and fun thick heels for the spring, so make sure to check them out.

If you’re having a tough time transitioning from winter coats to spring outfits, you’ll be happy to hear sleeveless jackets are making a statement. The tuxedo sleeveless jacket is one of the more popular looks for this upcoming season.

The exotic snakeskin pattern has also made its way back into the scene. Snakeskin bags, shoes, and clothing can make you look sexy and feel sexy. If you’re feeling dangerous, snakeskin is sure to portray the vibe.

One of our personal favorites, white, is back. The classic little black dress can now be replaced by a little white dress, LWD. White also enhances the tan you’re most likely working on since the cold is leaving and sun is arriving.

If there’s one thing you can keep from this past season, it’s florals. They’re here to stay, at least for now. If you don’t own any of these spring fashion trends, we advise you to make some purchases. If you’re in the trendy scene, you must fit the part.

It’s spring, so show some skin! Opt for shorts, skirts and dresses over pants. And by some skin we mean some, remember to keep a little skin hidden for the imagination. However if you’re partial to pants, the '70s are back and they’ve brought along the flared jeans look.

Above all, don't forget to rock Spring 2011 in style!

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