3 Things You Can Do to Save Money but Still Enjoy a Night Out!

by Samantha Sherlock

Let’s face it, the economy just isn’t what it used to be and although we’re told “it’s getting better” things are still expensive! But you don’t want the lack of funds in your bank account to stop you from having a fun night out with friends, do you?

You're already getting ready to go out for the night -- you may as well get ready while having a few drinks. If you want, invite some friends over before the bar and enjoy before checking out a club. There's no harm in enjoying a few brews before making your way out the door. Just be reponsible and appoint a desginated driver or take a cab to the club.

There are times when you have to run to the ATM before going to the club for the night. Instead of taking out 100 bucks, knowing that you will definitely spend it all in one night, allot yourself 20 or 30 dollars for the night. You're already going to be having a few drinks before going out so 30 dollars will be the perfect amount to take to the club. Also, leave any ATM or credit cards at home! You don't want to become too generous and start racking up a tab with the bartender. The only card you should need for the night is your ID.

Depending on what you order, drinks can get a little pricey throughout the night. Stick to beer; sometimes draft beers are cheaper than a bottled beer. Also, take the house vodka in your vodka tonic instead of the top shelf. If you decide you want shots sometime during the night try and stick to cheaper alcohol. Remember $12 for one shot of Patron is not a decision you'll be happy about the next morning

Don't let the economy keep you home for the night! Go out and enjoy a fun night of drinking with friends. You'll be glad you did.

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