Interview with Robbie Rivera

Interview with Robbie Rivera

by Marcos Colón

While many may have been dissapointed that Winter Music Conference made a split from Ultra Music Festival this year, the majority of dance music fans only cared about what parties were taking place when,particularly the most popular event, Juicy Beach. Once they announced that they'd be sticking to their normal routine at the end of March, tickets sold-out in no time. The man behind this infamous party just so happens to also be one of the most recognized dance music artists in the world, Robbie Rivera. Walking into Juicy Beach this year, we had a few minutes to chat with the mastermind behind this stellar event, as well as learn what he's been doing in the studio and what his plans are for the remainder of the year.

CoolJunkie: So how has this year been treating you so far?

Robbie Rivera: My year has been great. I’ve been touring a lot, I’ve been releasing lots of music and I’ve been working on my new album that’s going to be released in September and we have some really awesome collaborations, like a track with Joachim Garraud, as well as with Tocadisco.

CoolJunkie: Obviously you know one of the biggest parties every year here; did you ever think that it would get to this size?

Robbie Rivera: No, we started really small. I can’t believe that it has become one of the parties to come to in Miami during the Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Week whatever you want to call it.

CoolJunkie: Now, do you think you’re going to keep it the same because this can turn into something bigger.

Robbie Rivera: Yeah, we’ve started a few times, making a really big event. But then you have to think, Ultra’s so huge already and there’s so much competition that we sort of like to play it safe. It’s just so much fun to be here as well.

CoolJunkie: How would you describe Juicy Beach in one word?

Robbie Rivera: Juicy Beach in one word…'sexy.'

CoolJunkie: What’s your process for selecting the roster for the show?

Robbie Rivera: I do the roster pretty quick. Basically, I choose from whose music I’ve been playing for the whole year. I like doing combinations of different styles of music. I like to pick one or two DJs that you wouldn’t expect to see here. Like, Pleasurekraft, you wouldn’t expect to see here. A few years ago we had deadmau5. The guys from Swedish House Mafia have played here four years back to back and look where they are now.

CoolJunkie: Now, you play all over the world and you constantly tour. If there was one club you had to play at for the rest of your life which one would it be?

Robbie Rivera: If I had to play one club for the rest of my life it would have to be Marquee in Las Vegas.

CoolJunkie: Really?

Robbie Rivera: Yeah, I’ve been playing a residency there and the club is beautiful and the sound is great. But a lot of times it’s not actually about how cool the club is and the people that go, it’s just that they treat me so well. The hospitality is amazing. For me that counts a lot; they treat you with respect, they do great promotions for the artist. It’s all about the artist being happy and I like that.

CoolJunkie: What are your thoughts right now on the state of electronic music in the US?

Robbie Rivera: It’s crazy how in the US dance music is so popular. I mean I’ve been doing this for 10 years and finally, all the artists are doing dance music. I heard a track with Snoop Dogg the other day and it was completely house.

CoolJunkie: So do you think it will continue to grow or do you think it’s a fad?

Robbie Rivera: That’s a good question. Sometimes I think it’s a fad. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens by the end of this year to next year. Like, I heard the Black Eyed Peas' new track and they went back to their hip-hop roots. I don’t like when big name artists take the dance stuff that we’ve been doing for years and cheese it out too much. Or they take all the same sounds that we use and they turn it into their stuff. But, I can’t really kill it so much because it does get played on the radio. It’s all about dance music being everywhere.

CoolJunkie: Can you talk a little bit about the album you’re working on?

Robbie Rivera: Well, the album I started last year in Ibiza and I’ve been working on it really hard. I’ve actually never worked so hard on a damn album. This one is going to be catered to my fans. Usually I try and do a few tracks where it goes straight to radio but I’m not thinking radio for this album. I’m thinking I want juicy music, traditional tough sexy house music that I can produce some female vocals so the girls are happy. But it’s going to be banging, it’s definitely going to sound banging.

CoolJunkie: Now, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Robbie Rivera: I’m going to keep on touring in the US and South America until July 4th and then I am off to Ibiza.

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