10 DJs To Watch Before You Croak!

10 DJs To Watch Before You Croak!

by Marcos Colón

Let's face it, if you're not a fan of electronic music, then the following ten names aren't going to mean much to you. The electronic music genre has enough artists to easily fill a directory the size of the Yellow Pages, but if you're not too familiar with them, we've decided to put together a list of the top 10 DJs that you must catch before you die. Keep tabs on Cooljunkie because if any of these guys are in your area, make sure to snatch a ticket before they sell-out....because they certainly will.

James Zabiela
The majority of Americans can't fathom a DJ without conjuring up some thoughts of scratching. Well, electronic music really isn't about scratching, but when you throw James Zabiela into the mix, he's definitely the exception. While many know him for his breakbeats, lately he's known more for his tech-house. But during any of his live sets, you'll get a great mix of both, with a little salt and peppering of acid house. This guy's all about bringing an insane amount of energy to his sets, and after catching him at Coachella in 2008, we became believers.

James Zabiela by wootbot

Swedish House Mafia
Even if you're not a fan of dance music, chances are you've heard of the Swedish House Mafia. If you haven't, you may think they're a clan of Swedes that invade your home for all your precious valuables. Instead, they're three best friends that come together to deliver what's currently one of the most sought after shows in the world. Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso are easily the most popular act in dance music, all thanks to their big room anthems that riles up the ladies and keeps the guys moving on the dance floor. So far, everything they've touched has turned to gold, so be sure you catch these guys before you croak.

Swedish House Mafia - Megamix 2 [Preview] by Joran ?

Daft Punk
When it comes to Daft Punk we only have one word - pyramid. Although they haven't performed live in quite some time, we expect them to hit the big stage soon with some new work. Yes, we know they just released new stuff for the Tron soundtrack, but that really wasn't what we're used to hearing from them. Their live show is something that you have to see to believe. Combine their robot costumes with a massive LED pyramid and some of the best dance anthems of the past two decades, and you have the Daft Punk experience in a nutshell.

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Original Mix) by Q-ba

If you're a fan of great underground dance music, then you know that Get Physical is without a doubt one of the top labels in the world, cranking out some of the grooviest beats you can imagine. Manning the Get Physical ship is the German DJ-production duo M.A.N.D.Y., an incomparable act that will blow you away with their track selection. Although they may play some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, it's best to catch them in an intimate venue with a serious sound system. You really have no choice but to dance during a M.A.N.D.Y. set. Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer are true magicians in the booth.

MixMag Presents Ibiza 07 M.A.N.D.Y. -14-M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson-Oh Superman by M.A.N.D.Y.

When deadmau5 first broke out on the scene with 2008's "All You Ever Want," it wasn't long before his profile would skyrocket, making his deadmau5 persona one of the most recognized in the music world. Now you can find his name headlining major festivals and clubs all over the world, and when it comes to his live sets, it's pure musical energy in the making. His trademark mouse helmet is what truly sets him apart from the rest of the pack, and any new-comers who try to pull the same schtick will probably not fair well.

deadmau5 - Bounce by Play Records

Carl Cox
A great DJ set is about the energy that the artist creates, and how he can control the emotions of the crowd with track selection. Known as the King of Techno, Carl Cox lives and breathes fast-thumping bass. Each year his tent at the Ultra Festival in Miami is the highlight. He can bring the energy in a room or tent to an all-time high, and manage to keep it there for hours on end. If there's someone on this list that's reached legendary status, it's certainly Mr. Cox. Each summer he reigns supreme at Space in Ibiza as a weekly resident, and this is certainly the best place to catch him.

Carl Cox by Faraq

Richie Hawtin
If there's one true innovator in electronic music, it would have to be Richie Hawtin. Although he grew up in Ontario, it's just across the river from the birthplace of techno, Detroit, so naturally he was immersed with the early sounds. Now, he's a force to be reckoned with, playing shows all over the world as Richie Hawtin and his alias Plastikman. Although it's an entirely different experience going to a Plastikman show, we recommend catching Hawtin if he's ever playing a show around you. His style of play is unparalleled, fusing minimal tech sounds with the occasional vocal house flair. Remember, if he's in town, BUY THE TICKET.

Richie Hawtin by cosmotune

Luciano still hasn't reached the level of commercial success that many of these other guys have, but that's what's special about his profile. Although he's quickly becoming everyone's favorite imported DJ here in the states, in Ibiza he still reigns as one of the kings of the summer. His Cadenza label produces some of the most popular tech-house tracks in the world, and it all comes to life at his shows. Visit any one of his sets and you'll see absolutely everyone in the venue dancing...yes, even security.

2. Luciano_Live_At_Cadenza_Night,_Fluid_(Bergamo,_Italy) by APLcuba

Dimitri from Paris
Ever heard of Dimitri from Paris? Well, he was born in Turkey, but grew up in France, and while you may think that he plays nothing but the type of loud commercial house that guys like Guetta and Tïesto play, think again. This guy's all about the funk and disco sounds of the 70s. His Return from the Playboy Mansion series is a true flashback to a point in time where sex and music were as one. While his live sets aren't a spectacle of sights like deadmau5 or Carl Cox, his music is a journey in time that has you board his groove-vessle.

DFP presents ELECTRA 80 - Rock this town (Dimitri From Paris is Night Dubbin' Remake) (snippet) by dfp

Joachim Garraud
Joachim Garraud's profile is still reaching an all-time high, but he's definitely been in the scene for quite some time as one of David Guetta's main collaborators. Now he's decided to get out of the studio and on stage, producing one of the most enthralling and entertaining sets we've come across. High-energy big room anthems are what he thrives on, and his crowd is all about it. The man brings back the keytar as part of his act! Do we really have to convince you after letting you in on that fact?

Joachim Garraud - We are The Future by ExitFestival

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