Voorn Returns to SET for Movement

by Marcos Colón

What sets Joris Voorn apart from the rest of the DJ-producer pack? Well, he's Dutch, so there are some similarities there. His music falls into the tech-house genre, yet another similarity that heaps him into a pile of names. But when it comes to his live sets, his track selection is what truly sets him apart from the pack. While some guys throw in too many vocals, others just shy away from it completely. Here's the thing, vocals are good. They bring the crowd together and keep them in tune with the set. Check out any Top 100 DJ poll and the first 10 names will undoubtably be known to include some sort of vocals in their most popular tracks. While it has taken some time for Voorn to build up his profile in Miami, he's back again next week, and this time it's going to be a sold-out show from the start.

On Sunday, June 5th, Joris Voorn comes to Miami to play SET nightclub. Out of all the Opium Group venues, SET is the most fitting for this tech-house wizard. Their Sunday night Movement party is one of the most successful in South Beach history, and names like Joris Voorn add more fuel to their fire.

Tickets for the event have been on sale for over a month now, but chances are you still might have a chance to grab one. Even if you don't get a chance at the pre-sale tickets, waiting in line is definitely worth it to catch this set.
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