Interview with Nic Fanciulli

Interview with Nic Fanciulli

by CoolJunkie

Ask any prominent DJ-producer in dance music and they'll tell you, there's little to no chance of really climbing the charts if you don't have any production work under your belt. Not just production work, but successful production work. Nic Fanciulli was one of the last few artists that made a name for himself in the dance genre solely through DJing, but he quickly learned that in order to really become a prominent figure in dance music, he had to produce. Now he's one of the biggest names in the genre, and started one of the most successful and prominent tech-house labels in the world, SAVED.

We recently caught up with Nic on the sound of his label versus his own, what we can expect from his U.S. tour, and the importance of breaking into America.

CoolJunkie: How would you describe your own sound versus that of the label?

Nic Fanciulli:
I think the label is very accommodating for my own sound, but if I make a record and I don't think it's for Saved I'll take it somewhere else - my sound has always been about what I find interesting and what influences me personally, which is constantly changing.

Cooljunkie: What can people expect from a Saved Records tour versus a Nic Fanciulli solo tour?

Nic Fanciulli:
I'm really excited about the tour, it gives me a chance to showcase the label and the artists on the label to all of the fans in America, rather than just do my own thing.  The fans really are the driving force behind it, the main ethos is to bring the label to these guys and have fun!

Cooljunkie: Your Saved Records Miami residency launch at Set during Miami Music Week, was a pretty wild night. Mathias Tanzman and Stacey Pullen among others. How do you decide who’s going to join you for a label night like that? Can we expect to see any special guests on the Saved US tour?

Nic Fanciulli:
Stacey, Matthias, and I are all really close so it was amazing to be able to share the launch of the residency with them, and it was an incredible night at SET.  It's really nice to be able to do something special like that every now and again and I love playing with close friends. The vibe seems to be amazing and we always connect really well. As far as the US tour goes, of course there will be guests joining me along the way - I'm really looking forward to hooking up again with Stacey Pullen in New York.  

CoolJunkie:  You’re going to play 20+ dates on the Saved tour, crossing the country East to West, North to South, and then some. Is being on the road something you enjoy? Is the travel a necessary evil, or can you make it productive?

Nic Fanciulli:
I don't mind it so much - I'm lucky enough to be in a position that I can travel the world whilst working, so I try and not complain about that.  It all becomes worth it when I arrive at a really good gig and everyone's enjoying themselves.  

CoolJunkie: I’ve read your dad used to be a professional football player. Did you ever consider that for a career? How did your family react when you decided you were going to be a professional DJ?

Nic Fanciulli:
My family are all really supportive, my brother even runs the label with me now!

CoolJunkie: You’ve worked with some pretty major artists in the studio, ranging from Kylie Minogue to Loco Dice, and even been Grammy nominated. When you were getting started did you prioritize developing your production skills over DJ skills? It seems counter-intuitive that you need to be a producer to get noticed as a DJ, but that its DJ gigs that pay the bills.

Nic Fanciulli:
I think its near impossible to get noticed as a DJ in this industry without producing these days.  Which is a shame, because there are a lot of amazing DJ's out there who aren't necessarily producers. I was lucky to be one of the last guys to really break through with djing alone, and the production side of things really just followed on from this.  It's a side that i really enjoy though and I have a really nice sounding studio close to my house that makes it a joy to continue writing music.

CoolJunkie: We’re seeing a lot of interesting production partnerships between electronic music and hip-hop, and even rock. Is this an area you’d like to go into? Do you think it’s a case of people trying to jump on a bandwagon?

Nic Fanciulli:
Electronic music is becoming more and more present in the mainstream across the world and I think it's inevitable that artists from other genres would want to get involved in this.  If you look back to one of the first hip hop/rock collabs between Run DMC and Aerosmith in the '80s on 'Walk This Way' - it was absolutely huge.  Cross-genre collaborations can produce some really interesting results and i think as long as it's done intelligently it can work really well.  As far as getting involved in this we'll have to see, I'm happy with where i am right now but i'm constantly being inspired by sounds around me.

CoolJunkie: As a now well established international DJ how important was breaking America when you were first getting started in your career? Was it more of an after-thought, a territory that you’d visit once you got established in Europe? If so, do you think that’s still the case for emerging talent, given the recent boom in dance music in the US?

Nic Fanciulli:
More and more dance music is being noticed in the US, and it's becoming a much bigger market than it used to.  But I think that as an artist, it has always been at the top of most producers lists of areas they'd like to travel to and break into.  Nowadays I think more artists are able to do that, which is incredible for the artists and the US fans!

CoolJunkie: I wanted to ask you about the Saved parties and scene in Maidstone. From what I know it’s a pretty small town in Southern England. But it seems like you’ve created something special there. Can you tell us a little about it?

Nic Fanciulli:
We're really lucky to have the support we have in Maidstone - the label parties have grown and grown over the years and have always been amazing fun.  For me it's also nice to keep the connection to my hometown and to give something back.  The scene is really taking off there and it's nice to be able to bring big DJ's to such an amazing and welcoming crowd.  

CoolJunkie: What can we expect to see from Nic Fanciulli production wise in the next few months?

Nic Fanciulli:
I'm working on a few things at the moment. I recently did a track with Joris Voorn, which has just been released on his label, Rejected. I'm also working with Rolando , which I'm really excited about.  I'm constantly being introduced to new ideas which inspire me to create so for me, producing is a journey that leads me to lots of different places.
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