Los Amigos Invisibles Play Miami

by Marcos Colón

It's fair to say that Miami is just a big of a melting pot as any other market in the U.S., but only when it comes to Latin American countries. From Cubans and Puerto Ricans, to Colombians and Venezuelans, there's no shortage of Spanish speakers in the city, also making it one big market for Latin music. From Mansion in South Beach to The Vagabond in downtown, we've all caught an act that's not native to our country, and even though many may not understand what they're saying, they still have the groove factor that makes you move on the dance floor. This Saturday night, one of the most popular acts to come out of Venezuela comes to Grand Central for a highly anticipated live event.

This Saturday night, Los Amigos Invisibles come to Grand Central to blow to roof off the...well you get us. Their eclectic fusion of funk, reggae, and Latin rhythms are what have earned them multiple-Grammy nods, as well as headlining shows all over the world, as well as some of the best festivals.

If you're a fan of good, fun music that truly brings the "funk," you can't get much better than these guys. Look for this to be one of the biggest events in Miami this week. There's nothing better than an all-out dance party while a live band supplies all the sound. Here's your chance to be a part of one.
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