DJ Camilo Plays Mansion

by CoolJunkie

While it may be tough to get booked as a DJ in Miami if you're known for dance music, it's even tougher as a hip-hop DJ. While Miami's known primarily for it's house music, hip-hop's just as big, with some of the biggest clubs in downtown and South Beach hosting weekly hip-hop parties, or having a room dedicated to the genre. While the best DJs in hip-hop may not be from Miami, NYC seems to breed the best. Mansion recently announced that they'd be bringing in one of the most in demand hip-hop DJs out of NYC, and he'll be the special guest for their Friday night weekly, We Rock Hip Hop.

On Friday, July 1st, the self-described "International Club King" DJ Camilo, leaves his home town of NYC for a weekend to play one of the most popular nightclubs in the nation. Part of the Heavy Hitters DJ crew, Camilo plays some of the most popular hip-hop weeklies in New York City, but recently his resume has brought him to Miami and other major markets more frequently.

Fans of great hip-hop should definitely check out this set. It is 4th of July weekend, so expect there to be plenty of bodies in the buildling. Affect & EFX will kick off the music for the night, but things should take a turn once Camilo takes over the booth.
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