Back Door Bamby Celebrates 15 Years This Week

by Marcos Colón

Since it first opened in 2008, The Vagabond has been one of the most beloved nightlife venues in Miami. Not because of it's cool water/fire fountain in the garden area, or because of the sick Funktion 1 sound system inside, but because of its door policy. The whole motto behind The Vagabond is "Come as you are..." an epithet that's as respected as the venue itself. But once owner Carmel Ophir announced that he'd be resurrecting the infamous Back Door Bamby weekly party, it really made The Vagabond take off.

Yes, their Friday night weekly in conjunction with Sweat Records is one of the most popular weeklies in town, but follow that night up with a legendary house-format party, and it's an instant winning combination. This weekend Back Door Bamby celebrates as it becomes the longest running weekly party in the history of Miami nightlife.

On Saturday, June 11th, The Vagabond celebrates 15 years of Back Door Bamby. We've seen our fair share of Bamby parties, but we're sure they're planning to pull out all the stops for this one. Putting together a successful weekly party is difficult in a town where the average lifespan of a nightclub is one year. But Carmel Ophir's vision and hard work made it happen. May there be many more years to come out of this unique nightlife experience that is Back Door Bamby.
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