Call the Fashion Police! Top 5 Club Dress Code Violations

by Laura Aussenberg

Have you ever stopped by your favorite nightclub on a Friday ready to dance the night away, only to be turned away by the bouncer for not looking the part? Your first reaction might be to question who the bouncer is to dictate what's hot and what's not. After all, his day job probably doesn't involve being a big time fashion editor at Vogue. But it doesn't take a fashion guru to spot a few outfit faux-pas that definitely won't help you get past the door. You don't have to stress when you dress to impress. Just remember to steer clear of these top 5 not-so-club-friendly looks:

1. Sneakers
Most people would agree that sneakers are great. They're great for burning calories on the treadmill. They're great for running errands around town. They're especially great for going on long walks in the neighborhood with your dog. But sneakers aren't great for clubs. In fact, they're probably the biggest thumbs down when it comes to dressing up for a night on the town.

2. Hats
Some of our favorite clubs use bright, colorful lights to help set the scene. The flashy lights keep the energy pumping, urge you to get into the groove and sometimes induce a pounding headache once the end of the night rolls around. But don't use this as an excuse to wear a hat. There's never really an excuse to wear a hat to a club, even if you have a burning desire to root on your favorite basketball team that's currently playing in the NBA finals. The only combination of hats and clubs that works is called golf. 

3. Baggy Pants
I see London, I see France- I definitely don't want to see your underpants. Baggy pants are another big no-no when it comes to club dress codes. Butt-crack-skimming pants are one of the biggest dress code violations you can breach and won't land you that coveted spot in the club. Ever.

4. Flip-Flops 
Wearing flip-flops out at night is definitely a flop in fashion. For starters, it probably doesn't add anything to your outfit. In fact, it probably takes away from your outfit, because your outfit may be sweet but it doesn't end at your feet. Secondly, the last thing you want is to be stabbed in the foot by another club goer's sky-high heel. Ouch. 

5. T-Shirts
Unless your Hanes is gilded in gold leaf, don't even try to get by the bouncer in a tee. Most clubs prefer that you wear collared button-up shirts, so that is probably your best bet. 

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