The "Reality" of Nightlife

by Sarah Josephs

Other than the clothes we wear and venue we choose, we have very little control over how a night at a club will turn out. You might not get in, the crowd could be crazy, the music could suck, and on and on and on. It often feels as though our fate is left to the gods. But it turns out these gods are neither mystical nor superhuman, and even have a  copyrighted name: Opium Group. 

If you haven’t heard of them, you probably don’t go out much. Known by many and understood by few, these “gentlemen of the evening” literally rule the world of nightlife in South Beach, and seem to be totally omniscient over this domain. Together, Mo, Lindon, Hardy, and Stephane, a mix of hosts and party promoters, own Mansion Nightclub, Louis Bar and Lounge, SET Nightclub, Opium Hardrock and the new Cameo Nightclub, which are the most well known and respected nightclubs in South Florida. Combining their egos, ambition, and sex drive, these are the guys throwing Miami’s best parties once the sun sets. 

Thankfully, with a reality TV show out there for everything these days, Twins Productions introduces its newest installment: Behind the Velvet Rope. This South Beach based reality show will give an insiders look at the Opium Group and what their business is all about. Now we can finally see how the Opium Group operates, along with all the scandals and drama that controlling the nation’s foremost party scene would bring.

So keep an eye out for this new series coming soon, which will take you beyond the bouncers and closed curtains of where the rich and famous play, and where the ordinary people merely hope to gain access. 

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