4 Reasons Why LIV's on Top

by Sarah Josephs

Partying in Miami is glamorous in itself, but when you want to get to that highest echelon of nightlife fabulousness, the only place to go is LIV. Many factors go into why a certain venue becomes as trendy and prestigous as it does, but it seems as though LIV pretty much has it all. It’s not that we are trying to promote the club (LIV definitely doesn’t need any help in the marketing department), we just feel like we owe it props. While you may think LIV is pretentious, we just want to try and give an explanation as to why it deserves to be.  Presenting the top 5 reason why LIV Miami owns the night:

1. LIV Nightclub Brings in the Big Boys

You can’t knock a club that genuinely always hosts the TOP names in the music industry. And not only do they bring in the best, they host a huge range of artists. On any given weekend Afrojack will spin one night, followed by a performance by Lil Wayne the next. And the amount they must be paying their performers would could probably purchase a small country, seeing as they bring in the best names in town with stiff competition nearby. 

2. LIV brings Vegas to South Beach

Any club with a vegas mentality, who has the money to support these big dreams, is bound to do well. Located in the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach, LIV caters to its A-List crowd in high style with its Las Vegas fantasy-style atmosphere. With its huge, and ornately decorated, circular interiors, a club-goer can see and be seen from anywhere inside the space. The club covers two floors, has three bars, a gigantic dance floor, and the hottest dancers in all of Florida.

3. First Time’s a Charm

A lot can be determined by a club’s opening night- after all, first impressions are everything. Well, LIV’s opening night happened to include a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the first ever in Miami. Evidently, these were the exact angels LIV needed to give the nightclub its lasting blessing.

4. It’s Where the Players Come to Get Their Game on

After the Dallas Mavericks win this month over the Miami heat, the NBA team chose LIV as the spot to celebrate their win. They bought over 100 bottles of Rosé, and spent the rest of the night partying with the crowd. Clearly, if a celeb, or an entire sports team, need a spot to let loose, LIV is where they will spend their dollars.

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