5-Qs w/ Lazaro Casanova

by CoolJunkie (Photos: Rukes.com)

They call it "The Groove." A feeling of audial bliss that starts at your toes and creeps up your legs until it hits your soul. What happens next? You move, and move and move, until you work up a smile and a sweat. There's only one way to reach this groove, and that's through music. There are many connoisseurs of the groove, but it's not an easy level to reach. For Miami-based DJ-producer, Lazaro Casanova, the man has mastered the groove through his infectious tech-house tracks, and he's out on a mission to spread it all over the world.

If you've ever been a part of a Casanova set, then you know that from start to finish, he creates a musical journey that has no limits and an endless amount of groove. His recent mix of Adele's Billboard chart topping single, "Rolling In The Deep," has garnered massive attention from some of the top DJs in dance music, even getting some special love from BBC Radio One's own Pete Tong. This year alone, his music has been featured on prominent labels such as Leftroom, Get Physical, Culprit and his own label petFood and it looks as if it's only the beginning.

We recently caught up with Lazaro Casanova where he talks about his popular remix, where he grabs a bite after a set, and his love for all things Miami nightlife.

CoolJunkie: Your Adele remix of "Rolling In The Deep" has garnered massive attention, succeeding your previous Lily Allen remix. What's your thought process when picking pop a track to remix?

Lazaro Casanova:
It's always the voice the catches my attention. With Lily Allen I heard the song at an airport and it stayed in my head for two weeks until I finally decided to check what it was. I luckily found the acapella. With Lykke Li remix I couldn't find the acapella, I tried for months to search for it until I finally just ripped audio from a acoustic youtube performance. With Adele my friend Ramon sent me the acapella, I've always thought Adele has a fantastic voice, so naturally it was something I got to work on immediately.

As far as the remix process I write all the music around the vocal. It's essentially how the song would sound like if I was producing it specifically for that artist. With Adele I actually played most of the notes you hear in the original song so it's almost a bit of a cover/remix hybrid.

CoolJunkie: It's fair to say that you've played the biggest markets in the nation, and some of the biggest in the world. After a long set, what the one place you wish was always around for a late night bite?

Lazaro Casanova:
Definitely Aroma in LA. I was recently there and I kid you not, I ate at Aroma for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the span of one day. It's such a well balanced menu and the specials are always changing. The desserts are killer. The atmosphere is like eating at someone's very nice backyard. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the food is damn good!

CoolJunkie: You're a product of Miami's dance music scene. What makes this market one of the best in dance music compared to others?

Lazaro Casanova:
Nightlife is such a huge part of Miami. It's grown quite diverse too. If you want to cruise around in a rented yellow Ferrari and go to LIV to party with Dirk Nowitzki with his NBA trophy in hand you may do so. An hour later you may choose to go listen to old Queen songs at the Deuce Bar while drowning out your sorrow with vast amounts of cheap whiskey because your favorite team, the Miami Heat, just lost and you just partied with the arch nemesis Dirk at LIV an hour ago....you may do so as well.

You can also choose to extend your night into morning so you hit an afterhour spot like Club Space - it's 9AM and you're at the Terrace. You just took your shirt off and you somehow run into your grandfather wearing a black turtle neck. However, 10 minutes later he is shirtless as well and dancing in the middle of the dancefloor as well. He's called you a pansy and yells at you "HOUSE MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE!" And to think all of this happens in a span of one night and can happen on any given weekend. This is how diverse Miami nightlife is.

CoolJunkie: You walk into a dive bar and are in dire need of a cocktail. What's your poison?

Lazaro Casanova:
Definitely whiskey...double...on the rocks. Repeat a few times depending on what kind of night it is. I don't discriminate when it comes to whiskey and often will try something I haven't yet on each visit. Same goes with beer. Huge whiskey and beer fan. I don't drink it, I just like being around it. I study it...appreciate it...drink it sometimes.

CoolJunkie: On an off night in Miami, where does a prominent DJ-producer such as yourself grab a low-key drink?

Lazaro Casanova:
Definitely The Room. I haven't been out for drinks in Miami in a very long time, but from what I remember it was always a great atmosphere. Dark room and amazing beer selection all written up on a chalkboard. It wasn't too busy before but nowadays it could be busy depending on what night of the week it is. I tend to go on a Monday. That's probably the best night of the week to go drinking if you're an alcohol enthusiast. You can sit there alone with your ice cold beer and really just enjoy it. Just sit there and keep drinking beer after beer until the bartender tells you that you've had enough.
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