The Clevelander's "Get Down"

The Clevelander's "Get Down"

by Marcos Colón (Flashbox Photo Credit: Andrsn)

Sometimes going to the same nightclubs can get old. Even if you frequent two or three, most of the time it’s the same setup; giant dance floors facing the DJ booth and a bar here and there. But sometimes there’s a certain level of exclusivity that you look for, and we’re talking inside not at the door. Sure we have places like SET and Mokaï, but those are a bit too tough at the door at times and get packed way too quickly. However, there is one gem in South Beach that’s tucked away inside of one of the most talked about hotels in SoBe history, The Clevelander. Inside of this hotel you’ll find 1020 Music Boxx, a venue that combines intimacy, sound and art to create one hell of a nightlife experience.

One thing that automatically catches your eye when you step into 1020 Music Boxx is the 100 square foot DJ booth. While many may think that it’s a little too much, there’s nothing like making the entertainment of the night feel like he’s at home, and what’s better than a 100 square foot DJ booth? 1020 Music Boxx is a hybrid of a venue, making it the perfect combination of a nightclub and a lounge. Featuring two full-service bars, banquettes and wall-to-wall window views of Ocean Drive, it’s definitely a site for sore eyes. But what’s most unique about this venue may not be the actual set-up, but the party formatting.

There’s a little something for everyone at 1020 Music Boxx when it comes to music formatting. In Miami it’s tough to find a place that serves everything up, but this place actually does. Whether it’s mash-ups, hip-hop, R&B or even live musicians, they have it all at 1020 Music Boxx. That and the combination of the LED lighting in the venue make for one great experience that everyone should try at least once.

If you happen to be in SoBe and you’re not really feeling the vibe of a big club, this is definitely one option that you should be looking out for.


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